Zombie Contouring Makeup Tutorial (Parody)

Zombie Contouring Makeup Tutorial (Parody)

♫ Share a smile, share alaugh, share a moment ♫ ♫ Share a smile, share alaugh, share a moment ♫ (clanging) (record scratch) (light, happy music)- Hey guys! Welcome to another delightfulday with yours truly, Daisy! You guys have been leavinga bundle of comments asking for this vid.

So, today, I'm going to teachyou the top-trending makeup trick on Instagram that allthe celebrities are doing.

Zombie Contouring! – [Roommate] What? – (screams) Oh my God! – Wait, did you justsay zombie contouring? – Hey, do we need to stop?The camera's kinda hot.

– Sorry, I forgot we were doing this now.

– Every day of my life.

Let's get started! ♫ Share a smile, share a laugh ♫ (light, happy music) You wanna start with a naked face.

I know I look so crazywithout any makeup on.

– No, no, no, no.

You lookunrealisticly gorgeous.

(techno beat music) – I like to start every makeup application with my natural natureall-day cement prepper.

Using my 176-DL-90 concealer brush.

– [Roommate] [inaudible] Wait, what? Is that some sort of nuclear weapon? (wistful music) – I wish you could just be here with me and (sniffs) smell how great (sneezes) how great it smells! It's– – [Roommate] This isthe shit you never use (Daisy sneezes) that's under our sink.

♫ Share a smile, share a laugh ♫ (light, happy music) – Next we're going to take ourzombie contouring palette– – No.

There's no way anyonejust has that lying around.

– It's a must-have essential.

I keep on extra one in my purse.

Now, take this death charcoal color cream and use your F4 [inaudible] brush and apply it all underneath your eye.

You guys, this technique isso easy, anybody could do it.

– [Roommate] Oh, really? ♫ Share a smile, share a laugh ♫ (upbeat island music) – Next we're going to take that rigor mortis white girl color, which is great for eveningout your skin tone, and apply it to all your problem areas.

– Wait, your entireface is a problem area? – Now, take this, oh my god, you guys! This is literally my favorite thing! – Oh, is it literally your favorite thing? ♫ Share a smile, share a laugh ♫ – And now that you haveall your base makeup on it's time to apply the blood-red lip.

– Hey babe, did I leavemy cell phone in here? (yells) Oh (bleep)! (screaming) (slow motion) ♫ Share a smile ♫ (beep) (techno music)- And for our final step, we're just going to take ourbeauty blenders and blend away.

(techno music) – Who do you think you are, Rembrandt? (techno music) – And just like that, yourzombie contouring is complete.

– What the (bleep)? Makeup is fun and all but you look amazingwithout any makeup on.

– Makeup should be used to enhance your already amazing and unique features.

– Yeah.

Inner beauty's waymore important anyways.

No one's watching ourshow for our outer beauty.

– Our show? – Comment below with what you want to see on our next episode.

Maybe tag us in your zombie contouring.


– What do you mean ourshow? (laughs nervously) – We'll see you next time! Bye! – This has been DIY with Daisy– – And Charlie – The alliteration does not work.

– I think it's okay.

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