Women Try Instagram Lip Art For The First Time

Women Try Instagram Lip Art For The First Time

– I can literally feel dropletsof sweat going down my back.

[swinging door Sound] [funky Music] – [Kristen] I need some lip injections before I start this process.

I don't know if I can fit awhole galaxy on these things.

Look, it's on my teeth (chuckles) It looks like I ate a little bit of glue.

How'd she get so many dots? I feel like I missed that.

When in doubt, I just keep adding more of the little white dots.

Oh my god, what a world ofdifference glitter makes, people.

I lost the comet inthere somewhere (laughs).

I lost the stars, butthe color's kinda cool.

(exhales) I'd like a snack (laughs).

Oh yeah, I can't even eat! How do Instagram people eat? I'm surprised I drew within the lines, that's just a feat on it's own.

You know, People shouldget awards for this.

– [Nina] It has sequins, sothis it's gonna be extra hard.

It's like I can already hear people on the internet judging me.

There's gonna be glitter on my face for the next four years after this.

I honestly don't know howshe does this so fast.

That's not how, it's not, it's fine.

I think honestly, it'dbe easier if you just spread some eyelash glueall around your lips and then you just dunk yourface into some sequins.

(laughs) (flity noise) We're just gonna slowly watch this gold dribble down my chin.

The black and the shimmer,I would definitely do again.

That's about as far as(laughs) I would go.

– [Nyla] I don't have anupper lip, so like, it's hard.

Would you kiss me? You would kiss me, right? I'd kiss me.

I would not kiss me.

This is kinda cool.

And I'm really trying, it's not even like I'm not trying, I'm really trying.

If I get one more little gemin my mouth I'm gonna be mad.

This is when your ex texts you.

Hit with that "How you been?" Text.

Like, (flirty noise) goodnow that you're gone.

I'm holding my arm'cause I shake.

(laughs) I know this is so relaxing.

Oh, It's not that bad! Mine kinda looks the same, kind of.

I'm very proud of myself.

You know, I need tohave more confidence in my abilities to do makeup.

– [Sherridan] This is, like, really difficult because thecolors are so vibrant that like, if you mess upit's gonna be noticeable.

I'm not bored yet, this is kinda fun.

This is what you don't seeon those YouTube tutorials.

The (bleep) show that's down here.

I never though I would try to force something to drip from my mouth.

So, first time for everything.

I have been trying forfive minutes to make this (bleep) drip happen.

(growls) Just drip! Kinda just looks like I havea little soul patch now.

I think I nailed it.

And I'm very surprised and I think it's because it doesn'trequire, like, perfection.

I feel like this lipstickwould trick people into thinking I was happy to see them.

If you were out to eat, or something, you would just be eatinglots and lots of glitter.

And your poop would justcome out glittery everywhere.

[club style music].

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