What’s In My Bag? – University Edition | PATRICIA

What’s In My Bag? – University Edition | PATRICIA

Hello everyone! Welcome back my channel! I hope you are fine.

Today, the "what's in my bag?" I'm going to do academic version.


needless to say I love to watch these videos on Youtube.

I like to sometimes be a bit nosy.

And you probably also want to do this sometimes.

So I thought I would share this with you.

I hope you find it interesting Or useful in some way.

And so, let's start! Okay, so This bag is what I take with me to college Almost every day.

This is from H & M.

And now it is very difficult.

But yeah, I like the color.

Because almost all go to my dress.

The size is perfect.

As you can see, somehow still fit into my laptop as well.

And I wear since last year, I started to attend college.

So that's why there are a few spots on it But unfortunately I can not do anything about it.

It was with me in these difficult times.

So, take it off the hard stuff out of it As for the laptop.

Here is my laptop in a soft case.

There is nothing really interesting.

Just a laptop, so watch out.

I'll take you with me when I have to stay there The university study in the library.

I do not take it every day Because I like to learn more in my room Therefore, only I leave and come back after the show.

But when I take then only I will include in this bracket.

And then you can go.

in my bag.

The next thing to Portfolio I do whatever my notes.

This earned the university's shop It is written in the name of the university, very cute And pink, apparently That is why I chose it.

And here are all my notes actually.

Separate sections are each module.

And yes, it was very useful so far So I'll take this every day.

Then there is the notebook.

Whatever I used to take notes.

And then I can take the pages out of here And I will include that folder.

So this is pretty much a note-taking system's Because I think it is very helpful that I can put into it Each of the hand-written my notes, and all the papers I receive in the classroom A folder.

If you are interested in more detail in the learning system Or a language learning system Then you write it in comment Because it would be good to do a video about it.

The next thing that is in it That's probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

And this "personal organizer" of Paperchase em out.

This gold and glitter And the butterflies in it.

The butterflies are my favorite.

And so beautiful! I did not think that it's so nice when I ordered it on the net And not to be so large.


this is the most beautiful object What I saw in my life So I'm very happy for him.

And if I open, so watch out.

Here are some random paper.

This is an essay I got back Some accounts A to-do list And the card.

And here is the calendar What we have is a page every week, so.

Then there is a diet planner section.

I can plan my diet here.

Then shopping list.

Then a draft budget What I'm not going to show.

And at the end of the notes.

So I think it's not only beautiful, but useful as well.

Specifically, I can plan my whole life to this.

I do not need to use anything else.

So I'm very happy for him.

It will recommend, if you want a diet that designers The proposed budget, notes, everything is in one place.

Very useful.

The next thing to tolltartóm.

It looks like this.

I actually do not remember where it is.

But blue and white pattern on it.

The zipper is gold rose, which I am obsessed.

But you already know, if you watch my channel.

And yes, there's a few feathers Colored pens, highlighters.

And then there's this little makeup bag Which is a store called Müller.

And I call this "emergency kit" unto.

Because if I have a problem Then here is the solution.

For example, if I feel that my hands are dirty or anything like that Then here's a hand sanitizer.

This Zoella Beauty is in town.

And it smells good.

Then there's a lip balm.

Some elastic.

A small mirror.


And some medications throat and headaches.

Actually, it's such a small emergency kit for me And always I'll take Because it makes me feel safe.

Just in case you have a headache or something You do not have to worry.

Then there's a bottle of water and a muesli bar.

Because the university can not survive without food To be honest.

Then there's this part of the front of the bag And here it is not in my wallet.

So cute! Small pink purse.

The New Look was bought, I think.

I really like.

And in this there are also credit cards and stuff.

Then there's the little card case I'd have a student ID card and bus.

And I can only get to know when you need to.

This is also the Paperchase out there I think I've already talked to the University Tag video.

And I think it is very useful.

Then there are some zsepi.

And earphones.

Because I often listen to music.

I listen to music when I walk to school And I listen to music while studying.

So this is always, always there for me.

And then the last thing in my bag Key.

There is a small rose gold Eiffel Tower And a silver Big Ben on it.

Cute! So yes, it's all in my bag.

Write your comments, what kind of bag that you liked to take the college / school.

And what are the things needed in college / school.

I really want to read the válaszaitokat.

And lájkoljátok this video if you like.

And do not forget to subscribe if you have not you are.

I hope it goes well in your day! And we'll see you next time! Hi!.

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