Wednesday Addams Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2015

Wednesday Addams Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2015

Happy early Halloween, everyone! I wanted to kick off the party on my channelwith a Wednesday Addams video.

The girl's got huge black eyes, so I am going to begin this tutorial by puttingin some really big black circle lenses.

Now it is time to get myself really, reallypale.

Even paler than usual.

So I just picked up the lightest foundationI could find at the drugstore.

But if you aren't a year-round ghost likeI am, you can still get this, like, spooky, unnaturallooking paleness by just using a foundation that is severalshades lighter than your natural skin tone.

I started applying the foundation all overmy face and on my neck and blending it in with a beauty blender, but then I decided I wanted to show more ofthe pale color of the foundation, so I came back in and applied a second layer just by dabbing it all around with my finger to help keep it more concentrated.

Because I know I'm going to be wearing a wig, I can give the illusion of a bigger forehead by applying foundation all around the frontof my hairline.

This will allow me to sit the wig a littlebit further back on my head, which will make my forehead look a littlebit bigger.

But if you aren't planning on wearing a wig,I would probably skip this step, because it looks really weird if you don'thave anything to cover it up with.

Wednesday has these big pouty cheeks thatI don't really have.

So, I'm going to contour out on my face wherethere shadows would be if I had big, sad cheeks that neverever smiled.


This is going to start at the corner of mymouth and curve upwards towards my ears.

Kind of rounding out the cheek shape a lilbit.

Instead of setting this with my usual facepowder, I'm gonna hit it with straight up white highlightingpowder.

I'm just gonna cover my whole face, the contour,and my neck just to set it in place and also give it onelast layer of paleness.

And after that's all done, I'm going to starthollowing out the eyes with a dark brown eyeshadow.

I'm going to keep it mostly concentrated onthe inner corners of the eye to help sink the eye in.

And then I'm just going to go outward fromthere and sweep that brown all the way across thelid.

Then I'm going to take that same brown eyeshadowon a little brush for the lower lid.

Her eyelids are pretty puffy, so the way thatI usually do this is I squint my eyes a little bit and then I tracethat outline that is created to make a puffy lower lid shadow.

After I blend it all out, I come back in toadd a little bit more color to the deepest part of the shadow.

And when you're making shadow, you're alsogoing to need to make a highlight.

So I'm going to take a light eyeshadow andput it in along this new puffy eyelid that we've created.

The light color is going to be the closestto your eye and the darker color will be surrounding that.

Remember that light colors pull features forward, while darker colors push them back.

So that is how we are able to create thispuffy look with highlight and shadow.

Wednesday's eyebrows are black but they'renot too dark.

They're also very straight across and they'renot like heavily groomed.

So I'm just using black eyeshadow to fillin my eyebrows and really straighten them out.

And I'm doing this in kind of a sloppy waybecause I don't want them to look too neat and polished.

Especially in the center because I just wantthem to taper off and be a little bit unruly.

Wednesday's lip color changes constantly.

It is always going light to dark to lightto dark.

I'm going to go with a lighter version ofher lips, so I'm going to use a natural color lip liner and then I'm going to come back on top ofthat with a nude lipstick.

And then I decided the look wasn't dark andshadowy enough, so I used the same black eyeshadow from myeyebrows and brought it down into the inner cornersof my eye and blended it outward.

I don't want it to be too dark but a littledark than what we got now.

Wednesday wears a dark red nail polish justlike her mom.

Originally when I started filming this, Ifigured her nails were black, so I painted like two of my nails black and while I was doing that, I was watchingthe movie and this scene happened and I was like "ooooh, noooo!" Her nails arered!!" So, last minute change.

And instead I got to use this really beautifulgel polish from Madam Glam.

So no complaints here.

It's really just sopretty.

So lesson of the day, do your research beforeyou start filming.

I think it's about time to get dressed inthat signature Wednesday look.

*snap snap* This dress is actually part of my personalwardrobe that I've had for years, but I thought it was very Wednesday-looking, especially with the little skulls on it.

Now if you have black hair and haven't coloredthe front of it with foundation, Give yourself a center part and braid it intotwo braided pigtails.

Even though I have black hair, I know not all of you guys do, so I'm going to wear a wig today so we caninclude everybody.

Wednesday doesn't have bangs, so a lacefrontis going to be the way to go if you want the most natural look you canget.

Then you just wig cap it up, put the wig on,and adjust it accordingly.

Once ya got it where you want it, braid itinto two braided pigtails just like before.

Wednesday is a girl with an ever-changingwidow's peak.

Sometimes it's non-existent.

Sometimes issuper strong.

But I think she is a lot more recognizableas a character when you give her this really defined widow'speak.

So I'm going to use black aqua paint fromKryolan to draw one on my forehead and fill it in,blending it into the hair as much as possible.

And while I was doing that, I also decidedto add a little bit of black to the inside of my lips too.

And that's it! *door creaking* OFF SCREEN: What're you, darling? Where'syour costume? ALEXA: This is my costume.

I'm a homicidalmaniac.

They look just like everyone else.

Thank you guys so much for watching the firstof my Halloween series of 2015! I can't wait to show you what I have in storethis season.

It is going to be so much fun.

So make sure you subscribe to my channel soyou don't miss any Halloween tutorials this year.

You know I love you guys so very much.

Thanks again so much for watching.

I'll seeyou next time.


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