Wardah One Brand Makeup Tutorial : Natural Simple + Swatches 12 Lipstick Wardah Terbaru | IniVindy

Wardah One Brand Makeup Tutorial : Natural Simple + Swatches 12 Lipstick Wardah Terbaru | IniVindy

hi guys, how his newspaper meet again with me @inivindy of poor this time I'll make one brand makeup tutorial English talking point.

hehehe one brand makeup tutorial Wardah.

I deliberately wear pink color cerah2 gini I usually wear a dark shirt color gray dark colors all, if not black yes abu2 abu2 black, black abu2 gitulah Now I colorful but still there are shades of gray of his actually want to try more different how do you think ??? dont deserve what guys.

as I despise abu2 as embodied in my soul gitulah I despise the color monocrome safe so yes, so for example change, change clothes UPSs do not change clothes so 'm not going there who knows.


!!! yes've now I want to make one brand makeup tutorial Wardah so I want to look fresh because it Wardah imagenya it make more fresh faces Her shade Wardah whether it matches the dark brown face this These exotic alias alias of this dark let's see together huh.

OK roughly match what no o yes BTW, I actually got what ya.

very precious memory, memory.

how sich.

, there is a price koq memory memory is not forgotten guys ie the beginning I started my bikini youtube it is one brand tutorial Wardah but his video embarrassing really yes that is now even more embarrassing.

if you're curious, the video which you can check out the video above and click on this This nah yaaa.

but do not compare yaaa it used to be, when I was cute (Ireng Absolute) do not know how many years ago it then if you have a video of my clay that was, immediately comment ya.

!!! how the same difference that now.

obviously I was older now yes've we start aja forgive ya, if later reviewnya not like beauty blogger gitu yaa name is also the origin of talk aja yes've the extent that I know This is Wardah Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel This looks good guys.

I've never used this after I opened yesterday the yaa.

I wear it like a gel gitu This is used if your skin is dry.

Dry, dry calculated what the chips.

for dry skin it is useful to moisturize for the curious-life like this ok, my skin was so chewy-chewy like jelly then now that there are new Wardah His name Wardah C serum defense serum with anti-oxidants, vitamin C helps keep skin looking younger Wowwww.

It could make me back the age of 17 now we are the eyebrow to eyebrow pencil Wardah * Sapa hell brisik it.

??? This reply in poor often there is not exhausted.

yes please Wardah stocknya dibanyakin like that.

!!! * Why even marahin Wardah so anyway.

Ow yeah, so.

, * Who are the brisik sich.

* Wkwkwkwkwk.

* Really noisy so.


how sich.

? * LHA yes I diem, sound brisiknya missing.

I say, join the noisy outside.

well this is a brown eyebrow pencil Wardah reddish brown, suitable for you whose skin is tanned fit, or for you who want to make a reddish brown eyebrows so ok my review about this pencil her eyebrows a little strong Her advantage not easily depleted when sharpened color pigmented, not too red brown turned out to be nice.

for thick eyebrows like I and his skin a little slack Carefully apply if it let me not easily overflow This somehow I made a nice eyebrows what later will not ya.

I trim again eyebrow pencil is also equipped with a brush so exhausted colored, eyebrow stayed diblend so that better results and maximum remember it all must diblend so that all could look natural so do not be left mengkotak skrg suppose there is something wrong while making the eyebrows can be closed using this KIT DOUBLE FUNCTION name nah contents of three colors like this we wear the bright colors of this conceler * Yaa electricity outages wkwkwkwk.


, I'm sorry there was little disturbance power outages while filming nah we conceler OK, now we miss the eye we wear this shade which is base eyeshadow transparent we prove wrote it, it can remove color eyeshadow or not we put here o yes, to which in the area of ​​the base eyeshadow color is more powerful, next to her did not if we slide slowly part here is still strong, and that this missing but if shifted so yaa lost smua hahahaha.

ha ha ha ha….


This means it is the base eyeshadow well this is eyeshadow.

Nude Color Eyeshadow Passionate This latest color and nice guys.

LHA is, there is glitter brown, what ya.

?? silver brownish, kept this brown color is nude color.



now we start to color we use using his paintbrush I use silver color dikelopak half behind ok, after we make her like this so that the color brown in the crease area that warn silver diarea end bikini looks after I have makeup for the eyes This for its part ditulang eyebrows actually if you want more glamor again we could shading to the white color of this This eyeshadow trio series ya.

then if want more glamor matannya comments ya.

later I'll make one party makeup brand makeup tutorial Wardah example if you want please comment wrote.

!!! This is eyeliner, really my favorite This really my favorite anyway I love it, because he's like a color pencil easy to apply and pigmented wedding clients do not easily run over me, do not love this despite severe cry, not until spilling its principal yaa OK scratch once already directly cus.

My comment about this EyeXpert Perfect Curl Mascara yaa.

it did not seem to make clot usually when dikeluarin continue to be entered usually when dikeluarin continue to be entered again there is usually a clot that out so i do not know * why yes.

, are you also experiencing the same thing but if to paint the bottom he was really in her creamy often only keluar2, because it is too watery kah for the application of the lower lashes easy really because not agglomerate yes so I eye the next bit down so a bit not the same so for example a bit not the same, yes please understandable yes but this has been attempted not equate so lah ok I add original eyelash eyelash because I was so ordinary aja Now we will add eye shadow under the eyes are brown well in advance of our love eyeshadow base nah we are now we will try this Wardah dd cream, the skin is dark models like this skin cream given dd roughly how ya.

Oh no, do not be given too much first DD Cream roughly this, not fused to my skin if my skin would be abu2 wah not turned out but pressing and sliding it should be slowly it can merge all of the skin color of our skin looks brighter nice lah.

yes it is still too white for the skin aq only to be used for everyday OK so it looks brighter wrote but not able to cover the blemishes acne scars I had the creamy foudation of Wardah Wardah just creamy foundation of it's very creamy, like a difficult diblend so it was not creamy creamy his name so dont se well this is not interfering and because it is too light I use a shade that number 5 but for the number 5 is, exactly the same as the color of my skin so usually if you can, if that should be the number 4 I mix it with the number 5 the finished color darker look create a foundation.

nah already can instantly shut stains lah.

, lahhh.

, laahhhhh nah I'll explain this is a solid powder yes Wardah solid powder is light and OK buildup This smua already I try to start from the number 4, 5 UPSs means number 5 (Coffe Beige), this is the darkest so for you who his skin turns dark no cosmetic product Indonesia same color as my skin kayak nah if anyone would request request comments aja.

!!! original download has finished and complate.

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