VLCC lovable lips-Peach |lip balm review| lip balm with SPF

VLCC lovable lips-Peach |lip balm review| lip balm with SPF

Hi everyone welcome to my channel TjloveezBeauty.

Today i'm going to reviewing a product from the company VLCC it is a lip balm from therange lovable lips.

so lets get started.

so coming on to outer packaging it looks likethis it has same old packing as any other lip balm.

on the packaging it has writtenit is enriched with jojoba oil,almond oil, vitamin e oil which is very great, and ithas SPF 15 so big thumbs up for that.

backside of the packaging looks like this it has alldetalis of ingredients and directions of use and all.

it retails for 125 rs and its expirydate is 2018 may be its shelf life is 2 years.

ita net weight is 4.

5 g.

so inside packaginglooks like this it has a transperant cap with all details written on it this details issame as the outer packaging so need to worry if outer package is lost.

this cap is quieteasy to open.

and it has same old screw mechanism to remove out the product.

i think in thisproduct this screw mechanism is litte bit loose may be only for this product.

Let meshow you the swatch it looks like this it has a little peach color on it.

so overallwhat i can say is it is cheaper compre to other product in the market and it last onlytil we have something or drink something other than that it only lasts till 2 hours and itkind of like sits on crease of my lips.

so at last what i can tell is a good lip balmin cheaper range of lip balms so we can give it try atleast once so thats it guys hopeyou all enjoyed this video thanks for watching please subscribe for more such videos andencourage me Stay happy bye.

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