Video Review: LIQUID INK Eyeliner Waterproof ESSENCE

Video Review: LIQUID INK Eyeliner Waterproof ESSENCE

Hello! Today I want to talk about this eyeliner Essence.

This is the Liquid Ink Eyeliner Waterproof, Like any liquid eyeliner presents the classic brush applicator thin.

The package is a 3 ml and the price is Euro 3.


This type of applicator is not much loved by those who are unfamiliar with the liquid eyeliner, but I recommend you try to use it a couple of times to make the right dexterity, because once you learn to use it is the best ever.

It allows you to draw precise lines and very thin, and if you apply a more or less strong pressure even stroke width is adjusted accordingly, modulating it at will.

The present applicator in this eyeliner has a good quality, does not lose bristles and is very soft.

The color in question is a super deep black, which when dry becomes completely opaque and myself I find it wonderful.

After the application takes a few seconds to dry, so do not risk staining, and if you want to apply the product again on the same stretch there are no problems, it does not take away the underlying color.

The duration, being a waterproof product, is really extreme.

Dura quietly from morning to night without losing intensity or crumble.

It does not even those unsightly cracks that sometimes some of these products do.

I put it to the test by applying it in the spring, where with allergy watery eyes me a lot, but he has stood the test admirably while remaining in its place.

Although the estate is very powerful, it removes easily with a plastering biphasic or a specific cleanser for the eye make-resistant and does not stain the eyelid.

I have bought several times and it is super advice.

Let me know if you have tried this product and how you found.

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Source: Youtube