Vampire Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2015

Vampire Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2015

Hey guys! Welcome to my last makeup tutorial of the2015 Halloween season and I just wanted to wrap it all up with oneof the most popular Halloween characters ever: a vampire.

Vampires usually have either red or blackeyes, so just go with whatever your preference is.

I decided to go with black because I thoughtit would compliment my makeup more.

And then put on some foundation that is afew shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

If you are already using the lightest foundationthat they sell, you can always mix in white face paint orcreme makeup into your foundation to lighten it up a bit.

And then conceal any blemishes on your face.

And then use a translucent setting powderto lock all of that in place.

Now I am going to fill in my eyebrows usinga dark brown eyeshadow that will match the wig that I'm planningon wearing at the end of this video.

I'm going to be wearing some pretty dark shadowson my eyes so I definitely want to prime them to makesure the colors stay super pigmented.

Primer will also help your eyeshadows blendnicely too which is really helpful for a look like this with several differentcolors of eyeshadow.

Besides black, the main color in my dressthat I'm going to be wearing is like a berry red color.

It's definitely more of a pinkish red thanlike an orangey red so I'm going to use a light pink color that will compliment the red in my eyeshadowand in my dress for the highlight along my brow bone.

And then I am taking a berry red color andputting it all across my lid.

This is going to be the main color of theeyeshadow look, but I'm also using it as a base for all ofthe other colors so that they're all tied together with thesame pinky red undertone.

So that red color will the lightest in ourgradient and now I'm going to go to the darkest whichis black.

I'm going to go ahead and place it in on the outside corners and the inside cornersof my eye.

Right now, I'm just putting some product inplace.

We can make it darker.

We can shade it.

Wecan carve it out later.

But for now, I just want to get the coloron there so we can see what we're working with.

My blending color is going to be a reddish,maroon-ish, kind of plum-ish sort of eyeshadow.

? Basically, you want your transition colorto be in between your lightest and darkest colors and the more colors that you use for yourtransition, the easiest the blending will be.

You can always go back in and add more ofa color if it starts to get a little lost.

I do this with the red several times becauseI definitely don't want to lose that color as everything starts to get a littlebit darker.

Using a mix of patting product on and sweepingit to move it around and using a transition color, eventually your blending job will be done.

After I'm satisfied with the blending, I'm going to use a stiffer angled eyeshadowbrush with black eyeshadow on it to start making the shape that I want.

I'm going to make a pointier end on the outsidecorner and I'm going to bring it down to a pointon the inside corner as well.

Don't worry about being too clean with this because the next step is to carve out thatwing shape with concealer on a concealer brush.

If possible, you're gonna definitely wantto use a brush for this because it gives you so much more control than the little concealer applicator thatit comes with.

I just put the concealer straight onto thebrush and then brush it right on.

After I've got the shape exactly how I wantit using the concealer, I'm going to go back in and darken a few spotsup with black eyeshadow.

And after that's all done, I'm going to sweepoff whatever fallout I can and then I'm going to use foundation on abeauty blender to clean up my cheeks from all of the eyeshadow fallout.

And now I'm going to line my upper lash linewith a black liquid liner.

And I'm going to give myself a nice big wing that follows along the same line of the wingof the eyeshadow.

Next up is to line my waterline with a blackeyeliner pencil.

And I'm just going to warn you right now, the next bit is super out of focus so I'm just going to talk you through it reallyfast so that we don't have to look at it very long.

So for my lower lid, I used that same berryred color across my whole lower lid and then I used the black eyeshadow to comeback in along that same line and then I just blended it all together.

Sorry about the focus! It looks awful.


Ahh, much better! Okay.

Black mascara.

Top and bottom lashes.

You know the drill.

And then I'm just gonna add falsies.

Sameway as usual.

For the lips, I'm going to do a black andberry kind of ombre lip.

So I'm going to start by lining my lip witha black lip liner and I'm going to make my cupid's bow reallysharp and pointy because I'm a vampire and I do what I want.

Oh yeah, you're gonna want to get a littlecrazy with this lip liner and fill in the outer portions of your lipswith this lip liner as well leaving only a small section in the middlefor the second color.

And then I will use a liquid lipstick to fillin that middle portion and also to blend it in with the black.

Whenever you do dark lipstick, it is helpfulto clean up the lip line with concealer to give it that nice sharp edge.

And then use a color that is definitely darkerthan you would probably use if you weren't a vampire to contour out mycheekbones.

I'm actually using the same color that ismy transition color from my eyeshadow.

I dunno, vampires always have crazy cheekbones.

Of course, costumes are always an importantpart of my look, and today I've got a good one for ya! This vampire gown is from Wholesale HalloweenCostumes and I just love it.

Let me break it down foryou a little bit.

It's this vampire-themed black and red gownthat is so pretty and it's really big and poofy.

It comes with a petticoat that gives you theshape of the gown that you want.

And these sleeves are just so much fun.

But my favorite part of the dress are theselittle bows that go down the front, because they're not actually bows.

They are bats which is such a cute detailfor a vampire dress.

I just love it.

But my super favorite part of the costume.

We're not even there yet.

This dress has a HUGE detachable collar whichI just adore.

But because I'm going to be wearing a bigcollar, I'm either going to need to put my hair upin some kind of fancy updo or in a short bob wig style.

Yall know me.

I'm going with the wig.

This wig is perfect for this because it'sshorter in the back, so it doesn't get stuck up on the collar oranything like that.


The collar just velcros around your neck andit just looks so good! I love it! This is my favorite part.

For my nails, I filed them into much pointierthan I normally have them which has made my life very difficult.

And this beautiful polish that is on themis Golden Red gel polish from Madam Glam.

I'll link it below.


My fangs are the ones that you add the littlethermoplastic caps to and then you heat it up and you can just moldit to your teeth so that you have like a perfect bite whenyou're wearing them.

And once they cool off, they harden like plastic so they're not going to just lose that moldas soon as you take them out.

But you can reform them by heating them upagain.

And finally, blood! We do have some options for this and theyeach have their own pros and cons so I'm going to show you them both and letyou decide.

The first option is blood drop jewels.

The best things about the jewels is that theyare pretty and also if you're going to be out all night on Halloween and you don't want to worry about smearingyour fake blood everywhere or staining things or anything like that, these are a clean, functional alternativeto covering your face in blood.

The cons of wearing jewels is that they justdon't look quite as cool as fake blood.

They look classy, but they don't look likeyou're actually a real vampire about to rip somebody's throat open and drink all their blood.

Butit's up to you.

And for the other option, we have fake blood.

I am using "vampire blood" which I don't knowhow that's any different than any other kind of blood.

Beats me.

But there are also tons of recipes onlineif you want to make your own fake blood at home.

So many different cheap ways to make it.

Okay, pros and cons.

Pros: It looks freaking awesome.

The cons are that it does dry up so you haveto reapply the blood throughout the night if you want to have that fresh blood look.

It also stains EVERYTHING.

So if you're wearing a dress that is supersuper cool and awesome and you don't want to mess it up, like mefor example, this is probably not the way to go for you.

Or you could just go nuts! It is Halloween.

You could smear blood allover your face.

All over your costume.

Like I said, it's up to you.

I just want youguys to have fun this year.

So that wraps up this vampire tutorial.

I hope you guys enjoyed it.

If you did, giveit a thumbs up.

And for those of you new to my channel, I do costume looks all year round, so this isn't really just a Halloween thinghere on my channel.

So subscribe if you want to see more costumelooks.

I love having you guys here.

Thank you so much for watching.

I'll see you guys next time.

I love you allvery, very, very much! Bye!.

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