Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! Whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it, if you have a big date planned with your cutieor if you're flying solo, I'm going to show you how to do a cute andsweet, pink look for Valentine's Day.

As always, I'm going to start with a cleanface, and then add some circle lenses.

I didn't really choose this blue pair of circlelenses for any particular reason.

I just think they are comfortable and cute,so I decided to roll with it.

Side note: craft project! I made this headband by hot gluing red andpink hearts to this red headband.

It's super cute and easy and festive.

So this will be a pretty basic makeup tutorial.

Nothing too wild and crazy about this look.

So I'm going to start in the usual way whichis applying concealer under my eyes and blendingit in with a beauty blender.

Make sure to dampen your beauty blender first.

It will help blending so much if your beauty blender is a little bit wet before you getstarted.

Next up is foundation, which I will applywith clean fingers and then blend in with the beauty blender.

To make sure your foundation looks its best,apply by using a pressing motion with the beauty blender to really make sure that itblends with your pores and looks really, really good.

Then I will just top my foundation with ablendable, mattifying powder.

Now to start with the eyes! I'm going to usea NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil to make a white base for my eyeshadow.

The cool thing about the jumbo eye pencilsis that you can just draw them on, and they're very creamy and they make a really good base.

And we're done! Just kidding.

[laughs] Then using my finger, I am going to blendthat makeup out.

I've found that the easiest way to blend it is just by tapping it over,and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.

I'm going to use a pearly white kind of shimmeryeyeshadow called Polar Bear from Madam Glam.

Madam Glam's eyeshadow has an applicator onthe inside of the lid, so you just unscrew it and you can dab it on where ever you wantit.

And then I use a fluffy brush to just kindof blend it all out.

Then I am going to line underneath my eyeswith the white eyeshadow just to brighten it up a little bit more.

Now I will come back in with a shimmery pinkeyeshadow called Pinking Up The Pieces from Madam Glam.

It's from the same line as Polar Bear andI just love these.

The applicator makes it really easy to putthe eyeshadow exactly where you want it, so I'm going to go about halfway across my lidon the outer corner, and then blend it in for a nice soft, baby pink lid.

Then I am just going to take the applicatorand draw right up underneath my eye with the pink eyeshadow.

This is something that works really well withthis kind of applicator, because you can just draw it straight on right where you want itand then use a brush to blend it out, so that it doesn't have any harsh edges.

Then I'll just use a white eyeshadow to makea highlight along my brow bone, and don't forgot to soften that line betweenthe pink and the white.

Next up is eyeliner! I was going to do a softer eyeliner look,but then at the last minute I decided to do a thin black line with liquid liner acrossmy lid and then wing it out a little bit for a flirty kind of look.

So you can really go either way.

You coulddo a softer eyeliner or you could follow this look.

The whole beauty of makeup is that you cando it however you feel like it.

Because I am going for a cute look insteadof a sultry, sexy kind of look, I'm going to use a white eyeliner to givemyself big, doe eyes.

But you could always use a darker eyelinerand smoke the eyeshadow out for a sultrier look.

But again, it's however you want to do it.

Then it is time to put black mascara on mytop and bottom lashes.

While my lashes are drying, I'm going to fillin my eyebrows with a brown eyeshadow.

Using an angled brush, I am just going tofill in and shape where ever they need it.

I'm also going to go back in with a spooleybrush to soften the whole look.

Now it's time for some falsies! I chose Born to Flirt from Dolluxe becauseI thought the name was very appropriate, and the package model just looks like shemight be the coolest person in the world! But really, these lashes are perfect for thislook.

Just apply lash glue to the band, wait a few seconds for them to get tacky, and then apply as close to the lash line asyou possibly can.

I'm going in all kinds of a weird order here,but now it's time for blush, and I'm going to use e.



's All Over ColorStick, and just draw it right onto my cheeks andthen blend it all in with my finger.

I wanted to use a very pink kind of blushfor this look because this is just a very pink look.

So, I went with Pink Lemonade from e.



Now it is time to top it off with some lipstick.

I'm going with a bright pink kind of color,just to keep it sweet.

This would also look really cute with redlips if you wanted to make it a little sassier.

But I'm going with pink.

Then I am going to top that lipstick withsome gloss.

This is a mostly nude but slightly pink lipgloss.

Just to give it a little bit of shine.

Now it is time to get changed into a dressfor my date! Then of course, you can spend a hundred yearscurling your hair for your date, or you can be like me and take the easy way out by wearinga wig.

I have been wearing wigs on dates for thelast six years and if your date is not cool with you wearing something that makes youfeel pretty, they're probably not a very good date anyway.

So do you and wear your hair however you want.

I'm wearing a pink wig because I think it'scute.

It's festive.

This is Rockstar Wigs Farrah in Dreamer andit is soooo pretty! Now I will just add some Valentine's Day themedaccessories and I am ready for my date.

And here is my finished cute and sweet Valentine'sDay look! Thank you guys so much for watching this Valentine'sDay makeup tutorial.

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And until next time, I will see you all later.

I love you very much and I hope you have anawesome Valentine's Day! Bye! [kiss].

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