Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette | Makeup Tutorial | Shumaila’s Hair & Beauty

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette | Makeup Tutorial | Shumaila’s Hair & Beauty

Hi everyone this is the tutorial I have for you guys today To find out how I created this look, keep watching I've started by mixing nars sheer matte foundationin the colour Barcelona with an illuminator and then I apply this all over my face inpatting motions using a foundation brush, and then buff it into my skin using circularmotions I am then using the collection 2000 concealerin warm medium to highlight and conceal under my eyes, and areas like bridge of my noseand forehead which I want to be highlighted And I just blend this in using a smaller brushso that the concealer gets blended but stays in the specific area that I applied it in.

And as always Everything I've used in this tutorial will be listed in the descriptiontab We are now onto contouring, and I'm usingthe mac studio fix powder in nw50 to do this.

I use the line connecting my ears to my lipsas a guideline.

The trick is to always blend upwards from this line.

And as you can seeI'm using an angled brush to do this, as it fits in the contours easily.

This step is extremely important and helpsme create natural shadows on my face so it doesn't look one dimensional.

I also take the powder under my jawline andon my forehead near my hairline And then I contour my nose with a smallerbrush in long strokes, Maybe I need a more detailedtutorial just for this, tell me if you guys want a tutorial in the comments below I'm now filling in my eyebrows with the Barry M brow kit, and here you can see what a huge difference this makes The blusher I'm using is by artist of makeup.

Unfortunately it's broken but I absolutely love this.

You need the tiniest little bitabove the contour line Now onto the eye makeup.

I've started by primingmy eyes with a nars primer, this just help the eyeshadow last all day without creasing All the eyeshadows I used to create this look are from the urban decay vice 3 palette! Next I'm using a fluffy blending brush topick a brown shade to define my eyelid as you can see here I'm using a flat shader brush to pick up thisorange shadow from the palette, this has to be my favourite colour in this palette andit's so pigmented I'm really impressed.

And I hardly had any fallout when I was usingthese colours I'm now using a blending brush to soften theline from this shadow, it's all about the blending, you want to keep going over theharsh line until it starts diffusing and mixing with other colours I've picked up a dark purple shadow to goonto the outer corner of my eyelid.

And once again I'm blending it until there are no harshlines I'm now using a pencil brush to connect thedark purple shadow to the bottom lash line, and I've kept this quite thick for a moresmokey effect And I'm using a gel liner to line the topof my eyelid and creating a point on the inner corner, I have a more detailed tutorial onthis in my everyday makeup tutorial, which I will link in the description below And then using a black pencil liner to fillin my lower waterline And I'm smudging this out with a pencil brush I'm finishing off the eyes with some falseeyelashes and mascara And to finish off the look I'm using a brownishlip liner to line and fill in my lips.

I will have the names of all the products that Iused in the description tab below So here is the final look, tell me what youthink and give me ideas on makeup looks I should create next? thanks so much for watching.

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