Hey! Until Dawn was one of the games I loved the most this year so I didn't want to miss this opportunity and thought I'd transform myself into the evil killer clown from the game.

First, I put in some black sclera lenses Linsenfindershop sent me these, so I finally got around trying to put lenses like these in! It took me around 40 minutes but it worked! If you want to check them out, the link is in the description box below.

My eyes were a bit light-sensitive for a bit, but they didn't hurt, the lenses just weren't super comfortable.

I covered my eyebrows with spirit gum and wax and then neutralized the color of the eyebrows with a peach colored cream paint I put on a sexy bald cap that I got from amazon and cut it a bit and glued it to my face with spirit gum Aren't we beautiful? Lovely.

I glued half of a black wig to the back but forgot to film that part Then I covered the edge of my bald cap with liquid latex to smooth out the transition between the bald cap and my actual skin.

I drew on the shape of the missing nose with eyebrow marker But that was pretty pointless 😀 Then I glued on these beautiful teeth above my upper lip You could get the impression that this is a "how to look really really bad tutorial", right? I'm filling in above the teeth with wax and covering it with latex to make the transition between the teeth and my face smoother.

PRO TIP: don't take a deep breath while doing this I glued on little stripes of wax above every tooth to match the way the actual mask in the game looks.

I went over everything with latex And then started painting most of my face white leaving out the neck, eye and nose area I left out the neck because the clown face is actually a mask in the game that doesn't go down onto your neck.

We're applying the white all the way up to our new hairline Really pretty.

I'm setting everything with translucent powder to avoid smudging I'm now starting to draw black on and around my eyes There's a link to my reference picture in the description box below.

I'm setting that with a black eyeshadow to avoid creasing and then I'm filling in the nose area with black as well I'm coloring our clown's new gums pink, mostly leaving out the vertical wax parts I'm going over those parts with a yellowish-brown eyeshadow Below the teeth, I'm filling in with black adding a few cracks like the original mask has The clown has another row of teeth there, but it was relatively black in my reference picture Now we're starting to refine the lines of the cracks a bit more with black Then I'm shading again with grey and black eyeshadow A reference picture is really helpful to know where to shade exactly I also started shading the cracks and edges with grey shadow to make them look more 3-dimensional I drew on the beautiful eyebrows with an eyeliner pen And did the same for the cracks that are all over the mask in the game I'm highlighting a few parts around the cracks and holes of the mask And also shading between the teeth area again.

And you're done :-).

Source: Youtube