Unicorn Halloween Makeup Tutorial Collab w/ Alex Faction

Unicorn Halloween Makeup Tutorial Collab w/ Alex Faction

♪ ♪ What up, beautiful people? [laughing][tone] What up, beautiful people? It'syour homegirl, Ms.


And she bringing youa Halloween tutorial.

This is a collab with theone, the only, Alex Faction.

He does 31 Days ofHalloween on his channel.

Alex Faction is sofreaking talented.

Talented makeup artist,YouTuber extraordinaire.

Make sure you go checkhim out after this video.

And he and I decidedto do unicorns together.

I actually — bit his idea — I was supposed tobe My Little Pony, but that was an epic fail, so I am serving you unicorn.

So this is my interpretationof a black unicorn, because all the unicorns I wasseeing online are all white.

They're all, like, literallywhite hair, blue eyes, and I didn't want toput contacts in my eyes.

I just.


Just too much.

So she's not from the sameparts as the other unicorns.

She's a crying unicorn.

She's like a littlebloody and crying because she's the last of her kind,and she's trying — Alex — just trying to kick it.

And Alex ain't even here,so she a loner in Los Angeles, and Alex theUnicorn is in Chicago, so that's thebackstory between these bloody, drippy glitter eyes, and unicorns cryglitter, and I pee glitter.

This is super easy.

All youneed is eyeshadows, glitter and some weave, if you will.

That's if you have shorthair like me.

But anyways.

Oh, and tissue paper.

But let's get into it, shall we? First you're going to start witha clean and moisturized face, and then primer, which willensure that your makeup lasts all night long whenyou're partying for Halloween.

Then I'm blocking my brows,which is removing my eyebrows.

I just thinkeyebrows are very human, and I'm trying to go for amystical unicorn creature.

I'm going tobrush my eyebrows up, then apply Elmer'sGlue Stick throughout.

I apply one coat ofElmer's Glue Stick.

I let it dry completely.

Then I set it withAirspun Powder, brush it off, and do it again.

So I can do thistwo to three times, depending on how stubbornmy eyebrows want to be.

♪ ♪ So then I take my Airspunand I dab, dab, dab, dab, dab to set my foundation, and I haven'tdone anything here.

No foundation or anything, because I wantto work on my eyes.

Put some shadows.

And then I'll cleanup the bottom part, because I'm probably goingto have a lot of fall-off.


So horseshave almond eyes.

I want to go with them purple.

I got started on oneeye.

Let's start on this eye.

I got to prime thatlid using Urban Decay.

That's going to getthe shadow to stick on.

Then I want touse a light color.

This Selena, MAC.

I'm going to blot this on.

♪ ♪ And then I take the WhiteChocolate from Chocolate Bar.

Any light color.

And I'm putting it on.

Then taking a fluffy brush,taking my Makeup Forever.

I like thisburgundy, so I'm taking that, and I'm putting itabove and just making a V.


More burgundy.

♪ ♪ I'm trying to looklike a horse.

Alien horse.

Let me do some liners.

I love this liner byNix.

It's my favorite.

I'm giving you avant garde.

I'm giving you editorial.

I'm giving you runway.


Watch out, now.

Using my MakeupForever in waterproof.

I'm going to line the waterline to make it very black.

♪ ♪ Then mascara to catch allthe falloff from the shadow.

So let me go ahead andclean up the rest of this.

I'm going to be using theMakeup Forever concealer.

This is in Y-41.

Y for yellow.

Why so yellow? Makeup Forever HD.

♪ ♪ And then she's got tobake.

You got to set it.

Now going back inwith some powder.

Then I got to setwith the banana powder for underneath myeyes.

Banana powder.

Just throw it into the lid andthen just take whatever brush or sponge, whatever you prefer.

♪ ♪ Okay, she doesn'tlook much like a horse, but we're getting there.

I took the Urban Decay Solstice, and I'm kind of goingfor like a purple pony.

♪ ♪ Okay, so I'mgoing to take this off.

It's been baking.


Then you cancontour with a deep color.

I'm using a deep purple.

And then bring some ofthe purple into the eyes.

I'm using the Jilted.

♪ ♪ Yes, gawd.

Let's go to the electric circus.

Doo, doo.

♪ ♪ Using that same hot pink, I'madding color around the edges to contour my face andjust brighten up the look.

Crushed metallicshadow, Palladio.


In retrospect, I should haveadded this before the liner, but I'm using my finger topress the glitter onto my skin and going backover it with a liner.

♪ ♪ Then I'm adding this redshadow to my lower lash line.

It's Slow Burn fromthe Electric Palette.

I'm using the NutcrackerSpecial Edition MAC Glitter.

And I'm going to putthat underneath my eyeballs.

I'm just going tomake the glitter drizzle.

She lost her BFF, Alex Faction.

We're like the last unicorns,but he's all the way in Chicago.

Now, I also wanted to putsome glitter around here.

So just have someglitter glue for my forehead.

♪ ♪ I'm using MarthaStewart glitter, Amethyst.

I'm just going to throwon as much glitter as I can.

Now for my lips.

I'm going to takesome of this pink.

♪ ♪ I also kind of want to — she's like a glitter-sick pony.

Martha Stewart Amethyst.

♪ ♪ She kind oflooks like a reindeer.

So I'm taking this PalladioCrushed Metallic in Stellar, and I'm justpressing with my fingers where I feel necessary.

I'm going to just smudgeout this corner, smoke it out, bring it up.

Trying to carve outlike an eye socket.

I'm going to use aburgundy to go underneath here.

♪ ♪ More black liner,then go over everything.

♪ ♪ And then I'm going to exaggeratethis inner corner over here.

♪ ♪ And now I'm going toexaggerate my collar bones and be very horse-like, becausethey be like ripped and stuff.

Now, you can use any color.

You can usepurple, pink, silver.

And I'm just goingto go around the bones.

♪ ♪ And now on the muscle.

This is like unicorn-slash-My-Little-Pony inspiration.

Put on some glow shadow.

Go over the highpoints like highlighting.

♪ ♪ Highlighting.

♪ ♪ Highlighting, contours.

I'm contouring withpurple, highlighting with gold.

Just adding more shadows.

I just keep addingglitter, adding shadow, until I get my desired outcome.

I'm like anintergalactic unicorn.

And these ArdelleDouble-Up Wispy Lashes are from SallyBeauty Supply.

Thank you.

♪ ♪ I put a little bitmore burnt underneath, so it's a little bit more red.

I'm going to line itwith some red lip liner.



So that hair — so I'm just parting myhair and kind of making ears.

♪ ♪ See, these arekind of like my ears.

She got a bag of weave.

I thought it would becool to clip this in my hair and make it like my mane.

I'll just gounderneath my own hair.


She has got the weave in.

Should I make a black one? So just tissuepaper, and I just twist it.

If you just twist ithard enough, and you fold it, it starts totwist it on its own.

So I just want to make surethat the end is twisted here, and that's goingto go on my head.

I'm going to spraythis with some hairspray.

♪ ♪ And then I'm going tosprinkle some glitterati on it.

I found some blackyarn, so I'm just going to weave that through.

♪ ♪ I weaved theyarn on either side.



There she is.

Oh my gosh.

I did it.

My hands — I'mgoing to do them purple.

Like, full-blown purple.

You need to have little hoofies.

♪ ♪ This is the completed look.

Just servin'.

Just swervin'.

Just Shameless.

Make sure you guys gocheck out Alex Faction and his awesome transformation.

He has 31 Daysof Halloween, okay? Who beats 31 Days of Halloween? Just go check out his channel.

He has a diamond skull tutorial.

Turn the notificationson, which is the little bell beside the subscribe button, so you know every time Iupload nonsense like this.

Like this.


That's it for me.

Remember to do you, boo.

Be shameless.

♪ ♪.

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