Tutorial Maquillaje Sencillo | Belleza a lo Glam

Tutorial Maquillaje Sencillo | Belleza a lo Glam

Hello to you all Today I bring you a simple beauty tutorial, it's mainly my daily routine sometimes I go out without makeup but other times, when I want to put on a bit of makeup, for example if I'm attending a first work interview where, supposedly, you're not meant to wear a lot of makeup and you know, you can't be looking as if you were going to a party this is what I'd do and well, I also have other techniques, but I'll show you another time So, I begin moisturising my lips I need them to be well moisturised, before I put on any type of lipstick Especially liquid lipsticks, because as you know: they dry out your lips So I always start with the moisturiser Then, when you're about to put on the lipstick, all you have to do is take off the excess lipbalm your lips will be well primed and you wont get as many wrinkles and your skin won't peel off either my face is already hydrated.

I've put on aloe vera gel and my daily moisturising cream this is a primer by Kiko this specific primer is to minimise pores usually I just apply the primer with my hands make sure to extend the primer down to your neck because you also wear foundation on your neck make sure it's all evenly spread out now I'll put on a BB cream by LA Girl This BB Cream doesn't come in many shades, so this is the closest to my skin tone if you're looking for full coverage to cover things like acne, the BB cream won't really work but if you just want light coverage, a BB cream is good for that I blend out the BB cream using an oval brush this one is not branded, I got it from instagram, but it's quite good If you want, you can colour correct red or dark spots and your underyes I use the colour correct concealer from LA Girl In the peach shade I use it mainly around my chin, my underyes, sometimes over the eye or wherever I feel there's darkness on my face I'm now going to blend out the concealer map with a beauty blender I don't know if you can see the difference under my eyes, but the darkness has disappeared to cover the concealer, I'm going to put on some more BB Cream now I'm going to put on some illuminating concealer I'm using the concealer trio by Louise Young (you could understand that one.

) I'm using the lightest corrector shade, because I'm a bit pale in winter but the good thing about these correctors is that you can mix them up to customise the shade or use the darker ones, as the seasons change and you get a bit more tanned so this is one of my favourite concealers once again, we're going to blend it out with the beauty blender i'm going to wet the blender with a bit of setting spray today I'm not going to bake the concealer I'm only going to set the concealer with Kat von D shade and light just to prevent the concealer from running down my face throughout the day I use one of these disposable sponges, because they have a square bottom and it's very good for setting the concealer under my eyes and on my nose I find it quite good to use on my nose before applying the powder I make sure that I don't have concealer between the fine lines under my eyes to avoid that, I use my finger and just blend it out remember that you need to set everywhere where you've used concealer having finished this, just let it set for a while until it's absorbed so now we turn to the eyes for the eyes, I'm going to keep it simple a bit of eyeshadow and that's all I like taking off the excess oil from my eyelids, because I have slightly oily eyelids I'm using the anti-aging Urban Decay primer and I just brush it on my eyelids up to the point where I'm going to put on the eyeshadow this is the anti-aging primer i just blend it out a bit with my finger using the ultra eyeshadow palette by makeup revolution I'm going to use shade olden for the crease to make everything look well-blended, it's best to start using a shade that's closer to your skin tone but not very dark apply it using circular movements to avoid fall-out the eyeshadow pigment won't fall-out onto your under eyes or cheeks as it would happen if you apply it in a non-circular motion now using shades warm and rust, I'm going to soften the crease using "warm" and apply rust everywhere else using the flat end of the brush and shade "warm" I soften the crease and using the fluffier side I blend it out if you only have one of these brushes and you need to use another shade you can clean up the brush by using the brush cleaner form Sephora, like I do I spray the brush a little bit and then I clean it out with some tissue now I'll use "rust" and tap out the excess pigment again, clean out the brush I'm going to use shell in the middle of the lid to give it more volume again, tap out the excess so now we continue with the same palette and we're going to apply a darker shade on the outer corner I'm going to use shade "earth" and I'll apply it on the outer corner, having already cleaned the brush since this is a delicate look, and quick I wont use eyeliner Instead of eyeliner I'll use eyeshadow as if it were eyeliner I'm going to use shade charcoal no, sorry [unintelligible blabbering] shade carbon and I'll apply it along the lash line with a flat brush and blending out upwards to finish up I'm going to take the shadow that I used in the outer corner – "earth" and I'm going to blend it along the lower lash line depending on your taste you can apply black eyeliner or nude eyeliner on the waterline you have two options: nude eyeliner, to make the eyes appear bigger or black eyeliner I usually use it because I have big eyes and I prefer black if you make sure to sharpen your liner before starting, that'd be good (unlike me) finally sharpened my pencil so let us proceed for the final touches, I'll apply some mascara or rimmel, whichever way it's called in Spain after finishing up the eyes and having made sure that there's no fall-out on the cheeks you can apply highlighter this is is from Topshop but it has no shade name, however, it is a sort of champagne colour I apply it with a fan brush, but you can also apply it in other ways that I'll show you further down the line now let's start on the lips since it's a daytime look simple, to do things like routine shopping I won't overdo it just a bit of matte lipstick and a bit of lip pencil and done this is a M.


C lip pencil in shade "spice" and now just fill in your lips to finish, I use some setting spray by Urban Decay So this is the finished look! As you can see, I'm not wearing anything special.

No contour, no glitter there's nothing that's flashy flashy/ glam glam even though the channel is called Belleza a lo Glam this is a very normal, simple look with barely any coverage, to have the skin looking fresh everything matte, everything with earth and nude tones so just like to go out during the daytime you can do this in 3 minutes – well ok, 15 minutes and you can just go out! I'll keep the link to my channel trailer here so that you can get to know me a bit I hope you liked it and I'll keep you updated on the new videos coming out Thanks! Ciao!.

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