TUTORIAL: Asian Bridal Makeup

TUTORIAL: Asian Bridal Makeup

hi everyone today I've got a daytime Asian bridal makeup tutorial for you guys this is perfect for those of you thatwant to look like a bride but don't like that heavy makeup feel.

So let's get right into it I've started by priming the eyes so thatthe eyeshadow lasts all day and also to get rid of anydiscoloration on the eyelids I'm now using a red eye shadow in the crease of the eye and blending it really well with a fluffysort of brush all the products I use will be listed inthe description below but most eyeshadows in this video arefrom artist of makeup and the rest are from urban decay I'm using a black eyeshadow to adddepth to the eye, this is what's going to make the eye all smokey.

I'm blending then reapplying then blending and reapplying then blending and reapplying, you get thepoint, this is to build up the color as I want it to be really dark I find that the Mac 217 brush worksreally well when it comes to blending I'm putting the black eyeshadow just on the outer corner of the eye staying underneath the crease but when Iblend I go all the way up to the red eyeshadow so that it all merges together as you can see I lift the eyebrow up whenblending this makes it easier to blend byflattening the eyelid I'm now using a shimmery deep red eyeshadow in the center of the eyelid and then a golden eye shadow on the inner part of the lid.

Then I'm blending all of these with each other for asmooth transition also whenever I use a golden shadow, Ialso use a bronze to act as a transition color into the black so this is me making a smooth transitionout of those two this is just me deepening the black even more and spreading it into a winged shape I'm now highlighting the brow bone with a light shimmery eyeshadow.

Once again all the products will be listed in the description tab below and then blending one last time so thatthere are no harsh transitions I'm using a Bronze shadow on the bottomouter end of the eye and then cleaning up any fallout witha makeup remover this is also a good time to neaten up the eyeshadow, without using the tape method I've used a black gel eyeliner to line thetop lash line in a winged shape and while that dries I fill in theeyebrows I'm now joining the wing to the lower lashline with the same gel eyeliner and areally thin brush for precision and then using a black eye pencil forthe waterline then curling the eyelashes before applying mascara I've applied false eyelashes off-cameraand now just covering up the glue I'm using a peach correcting concealer for the under eye dark circles and also around the mouth and nose area and then a liquid foundation appropriatefor the daytime so that it doesn't feel or look cakey I use a smaller brush to get into areaslike under the eyes upper lip, nose, in between eyebrows and temples I'm contouring the cheekbones and jawline using a dark contouring powder on an angled brush.

I'm not going tooheavy with this as it is a daytime wedding and I stillwant it to look somewhat natural and then using a reddishshimmery blush to add color to the face and a highlighter on the high points ofthe cheeks and bridge of the nose I filled the lips in with a red lipliner which will help the lipstick stay on for longer and here's the final look, I think it's anice amount of makeup for an Asian bridal look especially for those that hardly everwear makeup and want to stay away from that typical heavy look tell me what you think in the commentsbelow, I'd also like suggestions from you guys as to how I can improve my videos? AndI'm so sorry I haven't uploaded in so long please bare with me I will definitelytry to upload more frequently thank you so much for watching :).

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