Hello, here is Kety Blog Pretty Please, and today I came to do a lipstick with an EOS.

Or "ious," people, everyone talks in a different way.

Anyway, anyway.

Well, you've been through that situation I do not know you, but I love testing new brands of products that I do not know, baratinhos more products, to see if I find quality and affordable products.

So it was one of those searches I found a matte lipstick.

Yeah, I was mad for a marromzinho lipstick, and such, nude, then I "okay, I'll try this, I do not know the brand," then I bought this lipstick here, the brand name is "Shines" finally, I bought because it was super cheapie, if I'm not mistaken, I paid R $ 3.

00 and R $ 4.

00 in it, something like that then I "Yeah, I want a brown lipstick, will test this.

" People.

When I get home, the color just does not quit You could scrub and scrub and scrub, and the color does not come out.

I was stunned.

Yeah, thank God I paid a very cheap price right, because if I had paid dearly in this lipstick I'd be very whore.

So today we will turn this lipstick, this bad lipstick, a good lipstick it will be as a EOS because it will be the packaging of a EOS.

But not a lip balm, lipstick will be transformed into another.

We will use the EOS in this case because it is a package that allows us to do that.

I do not know if you know, but it gives to open the package it and depositing another product inside, and it will get redondinho like the lip same bam But you can do with another lip balm that you have at home if the package also allows you that.

Oh, and you can also change the color of it, if you bought a color and you want to let another also gives to do.

Everything will depend on the shade you will put together.

Of course, you can not buy you a black lipstick and leave it pink only putting the pink shade but gives to change the color a little bit yes.

So we go to you'll need.

A glass container as this will misturinha pro microwaves, that your lipstick scrotum, that does not leave for nothing, EOS one or other lip balm that you have at home to take to do this with the packaging, a knife to be able to scrape the shadow, and a shade of your choice.

This color will make the lipstick color is modified, It will not be the color of your shadow, but it will be a different color So you should think very carefully in the shade you will choose.

As I wanted a brown same, so I bought the brown lipstick, I chose to put the brown shade too.

Even I forgot to speak, this lipstick I am using was what I created this video.

Then we go to the step by step.

Let's start taking all this lip bam ball, takes all, gives a clean sweep in the EOS and puts it in the glass container you separated.

Pay attention on the amount of lip balm you have, if you are using a new lip balm, in my case I have not used, if you're using a new one is able to have lip balm too and when you are mixing with lipstick or eyeshadow, It will be an amount that will not go inside the packaging of EOS and you'll have to throw away So ideial is you just separate the amount needed to put there, and the rest you can put in another little pot and use your regular lip balm.

So now we will put lipstick same, already cut him, he put all until I swept inside to get out enough, go all out we will use all they have there.

Now we will scrape the shadow, the shadow color of your choice, as I said, I chose brown.

And I'll scratch what I think enough, this will also depend on the amount of lipstick and EOS you have.

And if you want more intense color or not, if you want it more intense, you put more shade, if you want it more levinha less shade.

Now we will put it in the microwave, I put for 40 seconds, It was enough to melt everything.

And move every little thing.

Now we will open the EOS, only need a small knife to help open, why not give just to open by hand.

And let's put that part which is full of little holes on the top and put all the liquid that we just do inside the EOS.

As my lipstick was matte, my mixture was consistent pretty quickly but is capable of its not stay, then let the freezer a little later.

Even my having already been consistent I left in the freezer for 1 hour.

If their was not consistent in the same time and quickly leave the freezer about 2 hours.

After the freezer, this is us, this is the end result, he gets that ball just like the EOS, why I like this package because it is so cute and gives you to create different things with it, other lipsticks, whatever.

So you can now use your new lipstick.

As I said there at the beginning, this is the lipstick that I created, one marromzinho, it was the way I wanted, a clear marromzinho, nude.

So that's it folks, reuse makeup, look there bought a bad lipstick? He turned it into a good lipstick.

I hope you have enjoyed, if you like, click liked, do not forget to follow me on social networks that are appearing there, and like this movie, right? Kisses and until the next!.

Source: Youtube