THE WOLF | Into the Woods – Makeup Tutorial – Johnny Depp Character

THE WOLF | Into the Woods – Makeup Tutorial – Johnny Depp Character

CURIOUS EYES HELLO! in this tutorial we will teach as caracterizaros character Into the Woods WOLF We started with the wardrobe We cut the hair tissue to form the bangs, ears and cuffs of the sleeves loess He painted a white paint stripes and scatter by hand We sew the pieces of hair shaped ear to the side of a hat a strip of paper painted with silver paint and do it a few strokes in white, gray and black sew the fringe to the hat We cut the black cloth to tie We stick with special adhesive fabric We do the same with red cloth painted black tie with diagonal lines in white We make a flower with red cloth and sew in American.

We falsify a pocket To lighten the color of American, we apply white spray we billowing lines in black To make the trunk we cut a piece of cardboard in the desired shape We crumple cardboard and make a "Churros" which will serve to create the indentations Wrinkled cardboard paste on cardboard and create the indentations We do another layer on top with crepe paper paint it with black paint for background, we draw on a blue paper brancas To begin with makeup eyebrows.

We clean them with alcohol.

We cover them with glue stick We extend the foundation We cover the eyelid with a matte brown shadow For eyebrows and mustache black crepe use apply Mastix and let the hairs sticking to protrude from the end and at the top We cut the ends to the desired shape lacquer look for the extreme left edge upwards just filled with a black eyeliner and make small strokes with white aguacolor with a dark brown shade, we give depth to the inside of the eye.

following the shape of the nose we emphasize with a black pencil around the eye area.

Apply black mascara we outline mark the nose and eye bags with brown shadow We repeat the same process eyebrows mustache we outline the lips with a brown pencil and fill it with a very clear nude lip We draw a small knob under the lip with eyeliner We collect all the hair into a low ponytail, and hide under clothing.

Only a few strands left on the front and crepamos We collect the strands to create the effect length hair and a black spray paint, special hair The aguacolor hands painted with light gray and a darker mark the folds of fingers We stick black nails with silver tips We completed the transformation with accessories and we have set our LOBO If you liked the video remember give LIKE Here is another video SUBSCRIBE and follow us on social networks.

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