The Grinch — Christmas Face Painting & Makeup Tutorial

The Grinch — Christmas Face Painting & Makeup Tutorial

Hello! Are you Olga.

Nice to see you again on your channel.

Today I will teach you to draw a mask Grinch.

I put light green color with a sponge, forming the outline of the mask.

Submitting dark green in the inner corners of the eyes and along the edges of the mask to create wool.

Press and scroll sponge with white paint to create the fur on the hat.

I draw cap with red paint, dial the angular brush obmoknuv tip in black paint.

Round brush, dark green paint kurchennye frowning eyebrows.

Submitting short strokes to create a woolly effect.

I draw a nose in the form of fasolinki with a small bulge in the middle.

To create soft folds and wrinkles, I'm using a semi-dry consistency green.

Last phase of the shadows – black.

I put or render it under the brow and in the inner corners of the eyes.

Look for more inspiration for the New Year? Look at my other lessons! Last but not the least important point – stroke the fur on the hat with short strokes.

Done! I hope you enjoyed it.

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