THE FORGOTTEN TROLL Makeup Tutorial | NYX Face Awards 2016

THE FORGOTTEN TROLL Makeup Tutorial | NYX Face Awards 2016

At some point we all grow up.

We leave the fantasy world behind to go liveour lives in the real world.

But what happens to the fairytale creatureswe leave behind? What happens to these once loved characterswhen the people who cared so much about them.

simply forget? Hey guys! To kick off this forgotten old wooden bridge-dwellingtermite-riddled troll tutorial, let's start off with a quick celebration formaking it into the NYX FACE AWARDS TOP 30! Okay! So, my base makeup is going be a littlebit different than usual.

To create this troll look, I am going to beusing prosthetics which is something you have never seen hereon my channel, and that is because it is something I am verynew to and because of that, I'm not going to go toomuch into how I made these pieces.

I am still learning this myself so I don'twanna steer ya down the wrong path by attempting to teaching ya something thatI am still a total newbie at.

For this look, I made a nose piece and a mouth/jawthing.

For latex pieces like mine that are lightweightand hollow, it is much easier to prepaint them beforeapplying.

But for the sake of this video, I wanted topaint em on my face so I could show ya what I'm doing, ya know? So to give them the support they need, youcan fill them up with cotton balls.

But if you do this, be aware that having cottoncovering your mouth and in your nose piece will reduce your abilityto breathe freely, so make sure you leave a clear pathway inthe cotton from the nose holes to your nostrils.

Okay, now let's get to tutorial-ing.

tutorialing?Sure, why not? I start by applying the jaw piece first.

Using a prosthetic adhesive, cover the areas where the prosthetic is goingto be making contact with your face.

For this piece, that means all around my mouthand around my jaw.

Also, put some adhesive on the prosthetictoo, for some extra stick.

And once it's tacky, start by attaching the center of the prostheticfirst and work outward.

I use a palette knife to smooth out the edgesas I go instead of my fingers, just to keep them from getting all sticky,but using your paws works just fine too! Add some extra adhesive to any stubborn edgesand smooth them out again before moving on tothe nose.

For the nose, do the same thing.

Adhesiveon the face and on the prosthetic.

Attach the center first and move outward.

And you're good.

To blend the edges of your prosthetic, do a few laps around the edge coating boththe prosthetic and your skin with latex.

I created the nose and mouth pieces separatelybecause I think it's generally easier to apply smallerpieces, especially for beginners.

But the downside to having them as two separatepieces instead of one seamless piece is that it does leave room for things to notline up perfectly.

If you have any gaps or edges that need smoothing, try using latex and tissue paper to bridgethese gaps.

Put some latex down first, add a single layerof toilet paper or tissues or whatever you have, and then saturate it in latex to seal it up.

Add as many layers as you need until it doesthe job you're aiming for.

I have found that using tiny bits of tissuepaper is my favorite beginner trick to help you hide your problem areas, so you'll see that I use it a lot in thistutorial.

Alright, real quick.

This is something I wouldnormally cut out of a video like this, especially in a video for, say.

the NYX FACE Awards, where everyone is totallyamazing at makeup, but I do think that this is important to say.

It is 100% okay to mess up.

Especially when you're new to something, itis for sure gonna happen.

Just fix it and keep going! There is no shamein making mistakes.

It's how you learn! So don't feel bad.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled tutorial.

Once everything is applied and dried, it is time to to create that gnarly cheekand forehead texture.

This forgotten troll lives under a forgottenbridge which has been left to decompose and decay.

Termites have infested the rotting woodenbridge and the troll that lives underneath it.

So to create the termite damage on our trollface, I am using cotton and latex, which is a very common method that is a cheapand easy way to create gross textures, cuts, scabs, burns, all kindsof things.

Put down some latex, unravel a cotton balland form it into the shape you want, stick it on and saturate it in latex again.

Easy as that.

I am using my palette knife to push the cottoninto these weird little lines that termites make when they are eating something.

For example, a troll.

I am purposely creating a ledge here because I am going to be adding some lil termite guysto this area later and I want them to be able to sit on theseledges and in these holes.

Repeat all over your face.

Now that we are looking all amazing and beautiful, it's time to move on to makeup.

Once all of your adhesive and latex and everythingis dry, powder it with a loose powder to remove theshine before starting with color.

For this troll's base color, I am going to be using NYX's HD Foundationin the color California Tan which is kind of a funny name for the complexionof a bridge dwelling troll, but just go with it.

I am applying this foundation all over myface, neck and chest, over the prosthetics, on my ears, in my hairline, everywhere except right around the teeth sockets.

I want those to stay pale and kinda grosslooking, like the skin there is much thinner.

Next I use three different colors of NYX'sMineral Foundation sticks, one at a time.

I use the stick to transfer product to thislittle sponge before stippling skin texture all over myface.

I will also be adding in a green lipstickand a yellow eyeshadow to this stippling process to add a splashof color to the skin that matches the troll's natural environment.

Using a variety of colors while stipplingwill add depth to the skin and will help disguise the edges of the prosthetics.

Oh, and side note! Creating gross, rough looking creatures likethis is a great way to start in the world of prostheticsand special effects makeup.

Weird textures, prosthetics not blending properly, all of that kind of stuff that comes withlearning a new craft is much more excusable, and can even be passedoff as intentional, when it makes sense for your character.

Elaborate textures are surprisingly easierto achieve than anything that is perfectly smooth, so keep that in mind if you are just startingout! After the skin is sufficiently gross, I am taking the matte deep brown eyeshadowfrom the Full Throttle Shadow Palette in Easy on the Eyes and sweeping that between these big faux burlybrows that I'm building here.

The dark brown eyeshadow offsets the yelloweyeshadow that I put down earlier and makes it looklike the brow bone really sticks out.

I am also using this brown to hollow out myeye sockets a little bit for now, but we will come back to that later.

Then I am using the brown from the deep Conceal,Correct, and Contour palette to add more direct detailing between the brows, and I add a few wrinkles along the bridgeof the nose, too.

Using that same color, I start to fill ina few places around the face, like darkening up some moles and shading aroundthe nose and teeth, before getting to the termite holes.

Now it's just like a coloring book! Just take that dark concealer and fill inall of the holes that we made earlier with the cotton and latex and the ones thatare on the chin piece too.

These holes aren't too deep, so keeping them just a few shades darker thanthe skin tone is good.

The darker you make them, the deeper theylook, so go ahead and make them as dark as you want! Then I am taking the next darkest shade inthe palette and adding it halfway through the termitedamage, so that it's not so uniform.

like, it's not the same darkness all the wayacross.

Parts of the holes are deeper.

Some partsare shallower.

Inconsistency is ideal for anything that hasbeen exposed to nature.

Next I use a slide on lip pencil in UrbanCafe to do some more line work around the browsand nose area.

After that, I just jump back to the brownconcealer and brown shadow from before to create a darker contour around my nose.

You'll notice that this tutorial in particularis a lot of back and forth compared to most of the other videos I do, which are usually just "do this, do this,do this.

" But building up a whole new skin texture andface shape is something that takes a lot more eyeballing it as yougo and kinda just making changes as needed.

You may see something that needs more shadowsor highlights or whatever.

So just roll with it! Now I am adding some black eyeshadow to thedeepest parts of my face which is the inner corners of my eyes.

Mix that across your lids with some browneyeshadow.

Remember we aren't going for a look that isnice and refined, so for once, don't spend too much time blendingyour eye shadows.

Now I am just going to pop a highlight alongthe tops of the termite holes using the light yellowy color from the Conceal,Correct, and Contour Palette.

Okay, guys.


This is one of my fave partsof this look.

One quick way to go from average human toabandoned troll who lives under a bridge, is huge, fluffy, ridiculous, can't be tamed eyebrows.

[scream] To make fake eyebrows like this, I used shredded up yarn to make a pile ofmatted hair, and then to make this hair ball into eyebrows, I just took a little chunk and pulled it gentlyto remove any loose hairs.

And then I take some scissors to cut off thebottom so that it has a growth point that makes sensewhen you attach it to your face.

Now working in small sections, use spiritgum to apply your fancy new eyebrows! Now the only thing really missing is our bigtroll teeth! For fun, I added a gummy color underneaththe teeth using a Liquid Suede lippie, but that is going to be covered up so ya know.

No pressure.

Although, it is pretty cool if something happensduring your troll adventures and one of your teeth falls out and you're all preparedwith colored gums and stuff.

but anyway, ONWARD! Like my jaw and nose, these teeth are alsolatex prosthetics that I made at the same time as the jaw piece so that I could make sure each tooth wouldfit in it's individual socket.

To color the teeth, I start by going overthe whole tooth with NYX's jumbo pencil in milk as a base.

If you don't do this, eyeshadow won't stickto the latex, so make sure you base it with some kind ofprimer or jumbo eye pencil or something like that.

Then I cover the whole thing in yellow eyeshadow.

I am using NYX's Primal Color in Hot Yellowto tint the tooth.

Then I use the same deep brown mineral foundationstick that I used for texturing my skin, which is the color Cocoa, to color straighton the bottom half of the tooth.

Then rub the foundation over the latex withyour fingers to blend it and dirty up the yellow color.

We are going for a nasty tooth root here and this foundation picks up that texture in asuper cool way.

I just love the way it looks.

And then just brush it over with a brown eyeshadowto spread the look of loose dirt on the tooth.

Now to attach the tooth to the jaw, just put some adhesive both into the toothsocket and along the base of the tooth.

Once it's tacky, pop it in there and holdit in place until it dries.

Repeat for all ya other teeth.

All four ofthem.

Trolls aren't known for their beautiful teeth,ok?! Finally, apply a brown lip gloss to add asheen to the areas that would be wet if this werea real troll mouth.

Around the teeth, around the nostrils, and all back up in that area between the mouthand the nose.

I guess like, the upper lip area if this guyhad lips.

Okay so, if you're going to do contacts andeyeliner, probably should have done that before puttingthese giant teeth in.


whoops! It still works.

Put in some brown contacts and added NYX'swonder pencil to the waterline.

The final component of this troll's makeupis his little termite bugs that are infesting his home and his face.

I made these little cute guys using latexfor lightweight flexibility, foundation for coloring, and clear nail polishfor the shine.

Use spirit gum to attach them to where everyou want on your face.

I put them in and around the holes, all upin the gums and around the teeth because that's just pretty gross and it seemsappropriate for this look.

This wig.

Oh man, this wig.

This wig originally looked like this, buuuut.

If you give a wig to a cosplayer, this kindof thing is inevitable.

To style it, it's just a whole bunch of teasing and gluing some clumps of that eyebrow hair in between some of wefts to make it lookedlike matted troll hair.

Alright this really could have been the endof the video, but something just wasn't right.

I start to go a little crazy here, addingall kinds of things like darker eyeliner, darkening the nose, anything to add more contrastbecause I couldn't for the life of me figure out whatwas wrong with this troll guy.

He looked so cool in person, but so flat oncamera.

After a quick pep talk from my technical consultant,it dawned on me.

Its not the makeup.

It's the lighting! I filmed this tutorial using my ring light,aka a beauty light, whose main job is to fill in shadows and makeya look all pretty.

But this troll isn't supposed to be pretty so it was actually doing the opposite of whatI needed! So let's light this more appropriately andsee this badass troll in all his contrasty glory! We're done! That's it for this fairytale round of theNYX Face Awards 2016! If you enjoyed this weird little creatureand don't want my Face Awards journey to end, please please PLEASE head over to vote forme on NYXFACEAWARDS.


You can keep me in this competition by votingthree times a day for the entire voting period.

It would make me so happy if you could gothere and vote for me.

So as a little extra for ya, I will be postingbonus content, mini tutorials, and behind the scenes footage throughout theentire voting period on Instagram and Twitter, so follow me there if ya want to see morefrom this forgotten troll look! Thanks so much for watching and supportingme in my Face Awards adventure! I will see you next time! Bye!.

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