The Carnivore Makeup Tutorial #nyxfaceawardsgermany | ENGLISH subtitles | Kassandra Steinbeck

The Carnivore Makeup Tutorial #nyxfaceawardsgermany | ENGLISH subtitles | Kassandra Steinbeck

Hello lovelies.

I'm Kass and in a few seconds you'll be able to watch my makeup tutorial "The Carnivore" that I made for the Nyx Face Awards in Germany.

I would really love to participate in that competition and I hope you guys can support me.

So, let's get started 🙂 I have already primed my face and I'm now using a mix of the Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 and the Clown White by Eulenspiegel as a foundation.

I'm using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to really work it into my skin.

Don't forget to put some foundation onto your ears otherwise it might look funny.

I chose this light color for my skin because I really want the other colors I use to stand out because like a true carnivorous plant we want to attract our prey ;D Depending on what you want to wear you should cover your neck and your shoulders with foundation aswell.

I'm setting my foundation with the P2 Perfect Loose Powder so it doesn't melt off my face.

I'm using the Real Techniques Contour Brush for areas that are harder to reach like my under eye area.

For the rest of the face and body I use the Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush.

Now onto the colorful part 🙂 With my eyeshadow brush I put pink eyeshadow onto my eyebrows.

To blend the harsh lines I use a blending brush.

I use the same blending brush to put some more pink eyeshadow underneath my brows.

Back to the eyeshadow brush.

This time I'm using blue eyeshadow and put it from the inner corner of my eye to the middle of the lid.

Don't forget to blend the colors together with your blending brush.

Next I'm using green eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eye and blend it out.

Where the blue and green eyeshadows meet on my lid I use a turquoise eyeshadow to blend them together.

I also put some yellow eyeshadow onto my temples using a blending brush.

With my blush brush I put a lot of the P2 Glow Touch Blush in Touch Of Daisy as a contour color onto my cheeks, forehead, chin and collar bones.

I also use the blush on my lips right where the flower petals will go.

Because my eyebrows are too dark I'm using the Eulenspiegel Clown-White and a spoolie brush to put it onto the brow hairs.

Don't use too much of the color because it has a thick texture and is really sticky.

You don't want the little hairs to stick together.

Now I'm using the blue, green and turquoise eyeshadow under my eyes and blend them together evenly.

With my Real Techniques Contour Brush I put a darker blush color underneath my cheek bones.

The blush I used was the Defing Blush by Catrice in Legend-Berry.

I also use this blush on my neck and to define my collar bones a bit more.

With a fan brush I put some highlighter on my cheeks.

I used the color Ice Queen that you can find in your NYX Hightlight and Contour palette.

I outline the area where I want to put my petals with the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

To stick the petals onto my skin I use eyelash glue.

Make sure to open your mouth a few times when you stick the petals on otherwise you'll just rip them of when you try to talk later and that will hurt :O I wasn't able to open my mouth wide but I could talk and drink with a straw 😀 So going to a party with this look is definitely possible 😀 BTW the petals are made from plain white paper that I colored with eyeshadows 🙂 To contour my nose a little bit I used the blue eyeshadow that I used before.

Now I curl my lashes to prep them for mascara.

But before I use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on my waterline.

Then I coat my lashes with the same Clown-White from Eulenspiegel that I used before.

Don't forget to coat the top of your lashes aswell.

Aaand we're done with the makeup 🙂 I teased my hair and pinned it up to complete the look.

Thanks for watching <3 If you liked my video please give it a thumbs up or follow me for more tutorials 🙂 See you next time.

Bye :).

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