Summer Nights Makeup Tutorial // Perfect Date Night Look! // Daniella Benita

Summer Nights Makeup Tutorial // Perfect Date Night Look! // Daniella Benita

Hey guys! Welcome back so this look is a reallyshimmery, copper with like a nude pink lip for summer so I hope you like it! So firstI'm starting off with concealer and I'm just rubbing that all over my eyes.

And then I'mtaking the balm voyage palette.

Guys this palette is amazing and I'm using the colorwelcome all over my lid.

Then I'm taking that color wilkemen.

It's like a really bronzebrown color and I'm putting that inside my crease and then I'm taking welcome and blendingout that line so that transitions a little smoother.

Now I'm taking Terravetchula.

Sorryguys I know I'm butchering these.

It's really rusty pink color and then I'm taking Valkomin.

It's a deep brown color and I'm putting that just in the corner.

Now I'm taking my essenceliquid liner in black and I'm putting a dot at the point I want my cat eye to go and I'mdrawing it right into my lashes.

Okay so after that I'm going to take a makeup wipe and reallysharpen that line and also remove any excess eye shadow.

Now onto my favorite part! Skin!So I'm going to use the born this way foundation and my sigma kabuki brush and I'm just goingto blend that in all over my face.

Then I'm going to take my concealer brush and blendconcealer under my eyes.

Then I'm also taking my born this way foundation in honey.

It's2 shades darker than my skin tone and I'm using that to contour.

First I'm using 1 sideof the sponge to blend out my highlight and then the other side to blend out my contour.

Now I'm taking my perfect finish HD powder from Elf and I'm just going to set my undereyes and also outline my jaw line.

And I'll show you why in a second.

So outlining yourjaw really helps accentuate your contour line so I'm taking my tapered face F25 from sigmaand I'm using a really matte bronzer and I'm just outlining those cheek bones around myface.

Now I'm taking my lashes popping those on real quick and then I'm going to use thesuper sizer waterproof mascara from covergirl.

And then I'm just going to brush off thathighlight.

Now I'm taking my sigma F10 blush brush and I'm taking a little bit of blushand applying that all over my cheeks and blending it back.

And then I'm going to go back inand with the same matte bronzer and apply that on the top of my cheek bones all aroundmy face.

Alright now I'm taking my obsessive compulsive cosmetics lip tar in femme.

It'sthe perfect bubble gum pink color.

I'm just obsessed with it for summer! And this stuffis soooo potent.

If you guys ever buy obsessive compulsive cosmetics you know how potent itis.

So I had to blot it a little bit.

Now I'm taking this shimmery pink lip gloss andputting it all over.

And now I'm going to highlight the top of my lips.

The bridge ofmy nose and then I'm going to take that same bronzer and very lightly contour the sidesof my nose.

Just blend, blend, blend that.

And also bring it into that little crease.

Alright guys the BIG REVEAL! I've been waiting to show you this color! So this is from stillait's called kitten and its their magnificent metal eyes! And I'm just going to take thatand blend it all over my eye lids.

And it adds such a pretty shimmery texture! Now I'mtaking the color wilkomen and I'm just going to outline the bottom of my lashes.

So thisis my Summer Nights makeup look! I hope you guys like it and don't forget to give it athumbs up and also leave me comments below and let me know what you think and want tosee.

And as always thank you for watching.

Love you guys and I'll see you very soon!Bye!.

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