Summer Night Look Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL and Tori Sterling

Summer Night Look Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL and Tori Sterling

Hey, guys.

And welcome back to COVERGIRL's channel.

My name is Tori Sterling.

And today I'm going to show youguys this summer night look.

So if you guys want tosee how I get this look, then please keep on watching.

So you first want to put down a base.

And this is the COVERGIRLClean Matte BB Cream.

And this is in the shade 540 Medium.

This is a brand new, oil-free foundationthat reduces shine, covers blemishes, and is natural lookingand super lightweight, which you guys know I am so into.

It's also made with a powder systemthat fights against oily shine and makes your skinlook flawless all day.

And the combination of both thepigments and the powder system work together to diffuse the lightand create a soft, matte finish.

So once that is on, we are going tomove on to contouring and highlighting.

Now, this is super funfor a fun summer night look, just when you want to do a littlesomething extra and look a little extra but you don't want to beover the top, like wow, what is she having on her face? This is a really, really greatway to amp up your makeup look and make it look really cool andnatural all at the same time.

So there are actually three shadesof these palettes that are made to define and enhance your features.

These are really cool because theyhave skin conditioners in them, which is going to give them a reallycreamy and smooth look on the skin and also going to be supereasy to apply and to blend out.

So the first step is to takethe lightest shade right here.

And with this, we're going to hitthis on the tops of our cheekbones, the center of the forehead.

And I also like to bringmine down in between my brows a little bit and alittle on the cupid's bow to make our lips looka little bit bigger.

This is going to bring lightto the high points of our face.

And before anything dries, I wantto pat this out just with my sponge.

Look at that glow.

Like, girl, come on now.

And then we're going to go inright here with this contour shade.

This is a matte shade.

We're going to blend this intothe hollows of our cheeks.

I like to kind of roundmine out a little bit.

I'm hitting a little bit down thesides of my nose to slim it down, on the top of my forehead,and around my hairline.

I always like to leave thevery, very tippy top open.

And of course, everyonewants a strong jaw.

And so I'm going to hitit right here on the jaw.

And this is going tocreate shadows, which will create dimension to our face.

Sometimes contour is a littletrickier to blend out than highlight because you need to keepit in a precise area.

So sometimes a brush makes iteasier to blend out your contour.

And then I'm going to go inhere with this bronze shade.

And this is going to ultimatelylighten up our contour.

And with this, I'm just going to runthis along the perimeter of my face to make it look like I've beensun kissed and baking in the sun.

And I'm just going to blendthat out with my sponge.

And there's the face nice andcontoured and highlighted.

Just to even out my face, I'm goingto throw a little bit of color on to my cheeks.

Moving on to the eyesand onto eyeshadow, I'm first going to fill in my eyebrows.

And I'm going to use theGoldens palette by COVERGIRL.

These are the TruNakedEyeshadow Palettes.

They have three shades– the Roses,the Goldens, and the Neutrals.

So these palettes are reallydope and awesome because they have full range– let me hold one up.

They have full range from doinga super, super natural look all the way down to a super smoky look.

They also are super pigmentedand really rich on the eyes.

And the best part is thatthey have mattes and shimmers.

They work just as good as othercomparable pallets on the market, but they are a fraction of the cost.

So I think I'm going to use the Goldenstoday because these olives and golds are just speaking to me today.

I'm going to take the palest nude shadeand then throw this all over my lid.

Look at that pigmentation.

It is so rich and so creamy.

I'm going to take the shade thatwe used for our brow right here.

Look at this one.

I cannot wait to use that one.

Ooh, girl.

This, I'm going to throwthis in my high crease.

And that's so that, when I goin and blend out a shade later, we're going to have this tofall back for our transition.

Then I'm going to go inwith a flat-topped brush.

And I'm actually going to dipit in a little bit of water to make it more intense.

Once your brush is wet, I'm going togo in here with this deep green olive and mix it with this light olive.

I'm going to placethem right on the lid.

With this, I'm going topush it up into my crease.

And I'm going to stop aboutright there on my inner corner because I want to keep that light.

I'm now going to takethis gold right here.

And wherever thatgreen meets that brown, I'm just going to hit it right there.

I'm being careful not to dragmy brush down onto my lid.

I'm kind of holding it at an up angle.

And I'm just going to buff thatgold into the crease that I have.

And then we're going to go backin with our blending brush, which has the first light brown shade.

And I'm going to blend that up.

And there you have abeautifully blended smoky eye that literally only took like a minute.

I'm going to take my finger.

And I'm going to take thisgolden shade right here.

And I'm just going to pat that righton the very center of my lower lid.

I'm bringing it all the way up.

I really just want it towards the base.

Now moving on to the lower lid, I'mgoing to take the two greens or just one green and the gold.

And I'm running it right herealong my lower lash line.

And I'm going to take alittle bit of the lighter shade back on our blending brushand sweep this all together and blend it low.

How low can you go? So I'm going to go in withthis lightest shade right here.

I've been dying to get my hands on it.

Throw it right underneath thehighest point of the brow.

And then, because I like myinner corner super highlighted, I'm going to take this shade andthis shade and hit it right here, really brighten this up.

For eyeliner, I'm going to be usingthe Perfect Point Plus eyeliner.

The one is in the shade Charcoal.

You can use black, green, brown,purple, blue– any shade that you want.

These are bomb because it'seyeliner made easy, essentially.

The pencil form makes it supereasy to create a precise line.

And then the soft blendertip lets you create a smoky effect, which we're going for.

So now we are on thefinal stretch of the eyes.

And this is the COVERGIRL SuperSizer Fibers Mascara by LashBlast.

So this mascara is so dope because,a lot of time– and me, especially, all the time– I'm always looking tomake my eyelashes as long and as full as possible, especially the length.

My little stubby lashes need help.

And falsies are a pain toapply every single day.

Lash extensions areexpensive and get in the way.

And other than that,what is there to do? That is where this baby comes into play.

So there are also systems out therethat are two-step fiber lashes.

And this is even betterthan that because basically what this has in it is 29,000nylon little fibers in here.

And it's mixed in withthe mascara as is, so you don't need a two-stepsolution or a two-step anything.

It's all here– just one and done.

And the fibers in this are evenlydistributed among each and every lash to make your lashes look longer.

And this also comes withCOVERGIRL's exclusive Lash Styler.

And this is really cool becauseyou can get the best application if you will go from the root ofyour lashes and swirl up to top.

This adds 400% volume andlength to your lashes.

And it gives a falsie effect, soI am obsessed with this mascara to say the least.

And there are the eyes–super sultry, super easy.

And last but not least, youcannot finish a look without lips.

So this is the OutlastLongwear Lipstick These are super moisturizing but still have an opaque color, which is perfect for the summer night look And if you're looking for something else, another option is the Outlast All Day Lipcolor which is a two-step system and adds color and shine So that is all for this video.

I really hope you guys all enjoyed it.

If you did, make sureto give it a thumbs up.

And also let me know inthe comments down below if you guys are so excitedto try their new mascara.

It is absolutely unreal and amazing.

So I really hope you guyslove it just as much as I do.

I'll see you guys all very soon.

Bye! [SMOOCH].

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