Stranger Things ELEVEN Costume Tutorial (ft. RawBeautyKristi) | 011 Makeup Tutorial

Stranger Things ELEVEN Costume Tutorial (ft. RawBeautyKristi) | 011 Makeup Tutorial

Hey everybody! If you have Netflix and are human and theyear is 2016, odds are, you've probably seen Stranger Things.

And odds are, you are just as obsessed withit as I am.

This ultimate Stranger Things video is a collabwith one of my NYX FACE Awards Top 6 besties, RawBeautyKristi who is our insanely scary demogorgon in today'svideo.

She is doing 31 Days of Halloween on her channelright now, so pop on over to her channel to check outsome sickeningly awesome beauty, body paint, and SFX looks especially if you're Team Demogorgon! For those of you who are Team Eleven, thisis definitely the video for you! I am calling this video the Ultimate CosplayGuide because we are going to go over everythingyou need to become whichever version of Eleven fromseason 1 is your faves.

We are going to have hair and makeup and costumesand everything so this is going to be a long one! Here is a quick timecode guide, uh, for yourreference if you are just here to see one specific costumetutorial.

Otherwise, let's dive right on in! Let's start off with the base makeup thatis going to be used in all of these looks.

The easiest makeup option for this cosplayis to wear no makeup at all.

Eleven doesn't wear makeup and you don't needto either! But, if ya want to, just stick to the basics! I start by putting in some big brown circlelenses.

Then I put a primer all over my face to smoothout my skin and fill in those pores and all that goodstuff.

Prep ya face for foundation.

Then I use a liquid foundation and blend itin with a Beauty Blender.

And remember to bring your foundation downonto your neck to help it blend! Then I use a lighter color concealer aroundmy eyes and to highlight some parts of my face.

Annnd this is the face of someone who gotWAY TOO MUCH concealer.

Oops! Blend it in and then powder the whole faceto set all of the product.

Super duper basic.

Eleven's brows aren't filled in or anything so I am just using a Brow Mascara to darkenup my natural brows a bit but I don't want them to look too manicured.

After I did that I decided my brows were stilltoo arched, so I added a little bit of color above thefront of my brows to straighten them out some.

Then I just used a little bit of brown mascara to make the look a little bit more feminine, but definitely go easy on this step.

Adding too much big thick mascara can makeit look more glam than we are going for.

Remember, super simple.

Then I just add a little brightening eyelinerand our face base.

face base.

Our face base is done! But another staple that's important for allof Eleven's looks and her origin story, is the 011 tattoo onher arm.

Hers is on her left arm but for obvious reasons, I will be doing mine on my right arm.

You would not see it on my left arm.

So using a matte black liquid liner, I drawfour little lines across my wrist.

Then I add horizontal lines to make them intothe numbers 0-1-1.

Her tattoo is not super crisp and clear andclean.

So to age it a little bit, I'm going to beusing a makeup wipe.

Just using a little bit of pressure, run it over the eyeliner.

You don't want to press too hard because we'renot actually trying to remove the eyeliner, just to pull up little bits of it and make it look a little bit faded and alittle bit messier.

Once you're happy with how much it has beenfaded and aged, use the makeup wipe to clean up the smearedeyeliner around the numbers, and then we have a nice aged-looking, kinda like stick-and-poke sorta style.

It's kinda got like a prison tattoo kindavibe.

So yeah.

That's our Eleven tattoo.

And that concludes the base makeup for eachof these looks! I'll do specifics about where to go from heredepending on which look you're doing at the end of each corresponding costume section.

Okay, time for that signature hair! So, I've got three options for you today.

One: Shave your head.

I will not demoing that for you today.

I am pretty dedicated to cosplay but I amnot that dedicated which brings me to options two and three.

Bald cap or wig.

Each of these choices have their fair shareof pros and cons, so let's talk a little bit about that.

First we have applying a bald cap and thenstippling a short shaved haircut on top the cap.

The major pro about this method is that youcan make the hair super short and have a skin tone showing through the hair, but then again, Eleven's hair really isn'tTHIS short.

It's kinda in between the length of our baldcap hair and our wig hair, so just pick whichever way works best foryou.

Also, another pro, in general, bald caps aregoing to be cheaper than wigs.

For me, the cons of bald caps outweigh thepros, but it all is about preference.

They are an option and you may dig em, andthat's why we are talking about them.

There is no denying that they are harder toapply than simply popping on a wig.

Bald caps require some skill, some practice,and a lot of patience.

Applying a bald cap by yourself isn't impossible, but getting the back of your head and neckdone is a lot easier if you have someone to help you.

And speaking as someone with no friends, Iconsider that a major con.

In addition to those cons, it's harder tobe expressive with your face because wrinkling up your forehead can showthe seams of the bald cap.

This sucks for me because that's a face Imake a lot.

You can also get bald cap wrinkles in thebase of your neck if you move your head around too much.

Let's see.

Painting hair can be hard, so if you don't really nail it, it can lookvery unrealistic.

And finally, you need to be conscious of whatproducts you're using, particularly if you have allergies to latexor it's substitutes.

Okay so our other option is wearing a wig.

Shaving a wig down to a buzz cut isn't assimple as it seems, but a full tutorial about how I made thiswig is coming up next.

Of course, I am all about the wig life, sofor me, this one is my top choice.

The pros are that it has a realistic hairtexture, it's easy and fast to put on when you needit, you can wear it all day with no problems, it doesn't restrict your facial movement inany way.

And finally, you can rewear a wig as manytimes as you want.

Cons are that you don't get any skin showingthrough like you would with a super short shave, shaving a wig down this short requires a longprep time, and it's more expensive.

So, shaving a wig seems like it should besuper simple right? Like.

just cut all the hair off? In some cases, sure, but in most cases, no.

Wigs that aren't designed to be buzzed likelyarent automatically set up in a way that is conducive to it.

The way wefts work on a wig is that the hairon one weft lays down over the weft underneath it and covers up and fills in the gaps betweenwefts.

It's like a curtain of hair.

So, if you cut the hair off, you'll be revealingtons of holes in the wig.

You follow me? So the way to get around that is to add morewefts so the gaps between each weft are smaller.

So to shave this wig, we are first going tobe combining two wigs to make one big thicker wig.

Because this short wig has a really thicktop, like it's full of wefts already, look howthick this is! We are going to be taking wefts from thislong wig, and adding them into the base of the shorterwig.

To do this, we are going to deconstruct thelong wig, harvest the wefts and the lace, and glue them into the short wig.

To start the deconstruction process of thiswig, you'll need a seam ripper or tiny scissors.

Wefts go across horizontally and are attached to these vertical stretchybands that run through and create the shape of thewig cap.

They are attached with just a little thread so jump right on in there with your seam ripper and cut the thread that is holding the weftin place.

Follow the weft around and detach it from each strap and then once it'sall freed up, remove the weft from the wig.

I realized it was super hard to see what Iwas doing, so to clear it up and make everything easierto see, I am cutting the bottom of the cap off.

Just cutting it around the base.

There! That's better! Let's see that again.

Taking your weft, you'll find the little threadthat is holding it on to the strap.

Stick the seam ripper in between the threadand the strap and pull it to cut the thread.

Cut the thread anywhere it's attached to thecap.

For projects involving hair and wigs, I usually put the ball side of the seam ripperup, because the ball can sometimes get caughtin the hair.

Repeat this over and over again until youhave harvested all the wefts you need.

At this point, the wig is pretty well destroyed, so you might as well harvest them all and save some for a later project if you don'tend up using them all for this one, but I'm going to add as many as possible toour Eleven wig.

After I got part of the way up, I decided that I wanted to keep the lace frontof this wig and use it on the new wig.

So I cut it along the edge of the cap, leaving plenty of room to sew it onto thecap of the new wig.

Now back to harvesting those wefts! To get around the whole harvesting thing ifthis looks too tedious for you or if you don't have a wig you're willingto destroy, you could buy hair extensions by the packthat come in one long strip and then cut them up to the length that you need.

Once you get up to the top of your cap, depending on your wig, you have some options.

If it's a skin part, you're probs done harvesting.

But if it's lace like this one, you may beable to get a few more wefts out of it.

These wefts are sewn all the way across, so just continue to remove the thread withyour seam ripper all the way around the top of the wig.

Okay, so now we have a big pile of hair.

These are all individual wefts here, and we have our wig that we are going to besewing them into.

For this part of the process, I'd recommenda Styrofoam head, straight pins with balls on the end of them, a comb, hair clips, and tacky glue.

Like before, the base of this wig is justreally hard to film so I'm going to start the demo a few weftsup, but just know that you should really startat the very bottom weft and work your way up from there.

So to attach the new hair into this wig, we are going to part the hair along a weft, put a dot of tacky glue onto the strap, and stick ya weft onto it.

You could hold it there for hours while thisstuff completely dries, or you could shove a straight pin throughit to hold it there for you while you move on, do the rest of the wig, go watch a movie,take a nap, eat, live your life, and come back the next day to a full driedwig.

This process is basically the opposite ofthe deconstruction section.

We are going in and reattaching the weft toeach vertical strap.

I use tacky glue because it's a flexible glue which makes it good on stretchy material likethese straps.

You can also hand sew the wefts onto the strapsif you'd rather do that.

Sewing has a longer labor time but the wig will be wearable as soon as you'redone sewing it, while gluing has a shorter labor time, but you have to wait for the glue to dry soyou can't wear it right away.

When I reach about a third of the way up, I start doubling up and adding two wefts inbetween each original weft.

I counted the harvested wefts, counted the number of wefts on my base wig, and I figured it out from there where I couldstart doubling them up.

Make sure you have enough before you startdoubling because you don't want to run out before youreach the top.

When combining wigs with the end goal of shavingthem down to nothingness, the length of the original hair does not matter.

As you can see with this wig, we have TOTALLYdifferent lengths.

But since we are cutting it all off anyway, it makes no difference whatsoever how it looksright now.

If you are combining two wigs that you areintending to keep long, it may be something to consider, but for this shaved look, having two wigs that are the same color ismore important than a similar length.

So now that we are up at the top, remember we can stop here because the topof this wig is already super thick and doesn't need any additional wefts.

If your base isn't as thick on top, continueto add more all the way up.

So now that our wig looks just like Oddish, stepback and let it dry for several hours.

I usually just leave it overnight.

Once it's dry, go ahead and pull all of thelittle pins out.

So now it's time for the most satisfying orthe most horrifying part, depending on how you feel about hair.

I love this part.

Take some scissors and cut away all the lengthfrom the additional wefts.

It doesn't have to be pretty but I do tryto keep all the hair that I'm cutting off in pretty long pieces in case I want to recyclethem for something else.

Once all the long hair is out of your way,we can cut it short.

You can use scissors to just go around andcut it really short.

You can.

It takes a while and can be tough to get iteven but it works if it's what ya got.

Conveniently, I already have hair clippersjust laying around my house.

So when you're shaving hair, especially wighair that will never grow back, you want to start off longer than you intendfor it to be and then work your way shorter and shorter.

Especially when you are doing this additionalwefting thing and you don't really know how short you cantake the hair.

I start with a 4 which is half an inch andshave the whole head.

And then realizing I can definitely go shorter,I jump to a 2 which is a fourth of an inch, again shavingthe whole thing.

And then feeling gutsy over here after seeingthat I have even more wiggle room, I go down to a 1, which is an eight of aninch.

Using scissors, I cut off the hair aroundthe edges and clean up any areas that need attentionlike this neckline right here.

Now to attach the lace front that I took offof our longer wig, I am going to be hand sewing it along thefront of the cap.

Using thread that is the same color as yourwig, keep the needle going through those thickerbits of the wig instead of going just through the lace.

This will make sure it's really held on therereally, really good.

I start in the middle and work my way out to make sure the lace stays centered and positionedhow I want it.

Follow the shape of the wig cap you're sewingit onto.

And then you're going to cut off whateveryou don't need, like these little straps right here.

Then I'm going blend it into the base wigby shaving all of the hair nice and short.

Adding lace like this to a non-lace wigs isn'talways going to look seamless.

If the cap is really thick and then you addanother thick layer to it, it can look really obvious.

If the hair on the lace is a different coloror texture than your base wig, it can also be obvious.

If it doesn't work out or you don't like howit looks, you can use your seam ripper to cut the threadand the lace front should come right off and you're right back to where you were beforeadding it on.

No harm done.

Okay so then I decided to go even shorterwith this hair.

No guard! I started with the top of the wig where it'sthe thickest and it worked great.

So I tried a little patch in the back andto my surprise, it also worked pretty well.

So, I shaved the whole wig with no guard.

It's madness! Okay, the wig is done! So all you gotta do is put it on.

And to put the wig on, I'm just gonna tossit on like a regular wig.

I put my hair up in a wig cap, display thissweet shaved head for a second, and then pull it onto my head.

The hairline of this wig doesn't really matchup with Eleven's hairline so I decided to stipple a new hairline on by using liquid lipsticks, brown mascara,and eyeliner, which works since the hair is short anyway.

After applying product to a sponge, just dabit around in the shape of her hairline.

Using slightly different shades for differentproducts will help give it dimension and make it look more realistic because yourhair isn't uniformly one color, like all the way through, ya know? I add this product way up higher into my hairthan you'll actually see it because you can see through the lace and you want to make sure the area under thelace is all covered in brown so that you don't get a naked patch of skinpeeking through the lace.

Then I apply spirit gum, wait for it to gettacky, and then stick the edges of the wig to myhead.

Be careful about getting spirit gum in yourhair, which is a real possibility when putting awig this close to your hairline.

Make sure you have spirit gum remover or aremover like isopropyl myristate, which gets everything off, to avoid pulling your hair out which wouldbe no good at all.

Hold the wig on there until the spirit gumhas completely dried.

Maybe have a little dance party.

a sing off.

Just wait it out.

Okay, then add any finishing touches, extra hairline details, whatever you want, and then your shaved head wig is all done! You can reuse this wig for any character witha shaved head.

Think about the cosplay possibilites.

They're endless.

Okay, enough hair, on to costumes! The first outfit we are going to cover inthis video is Eleven's signature look and is probably her outfit that we will seethe most of this Halloween.

It is a good costume because it doesn't takea ton of work to toss it together and most of the pieces can be found at a thriftstore so it's pretty cheap.

The first thing you'll need for this outfitis a pink dress.

I found mine at Goodwill for $4.

When I was prowling the thrift racks for Eleven'sdress, I wasn't expecting to find a dress that looks just likehers, especially with Halloween right around thecorner.

Instead I looked for a dress that was justthe right color and I ended up with this.

I shortened the dresses, altered it to fitme, and gave the top section some texture to lookmore like Eleven's dress.

Of course, the level of detail that you wantto do is totally up to you, and none of those alterations are at all requiredto make this character.

Really any light pink dress should get thepoint across that you're El.

If you really want it to be spot on but youdon't want to do any alterations or crafting, and have a ton of money to spend, you could just buy her dress online for around$100, like this Eleven dress from Melonhopper.

Next you will need a white collar.

For this, you can use a detachable collarlike the one I have here, you could use a white collared shirt underneaththe dress, or something like a dickie.

So I just put the collar over the dress and then I'm gonna sew just the center into placeso it doesn't slide around but is also easy to remove later by cuttingthat one little thread.

And just so you know, her collar is roundedand doesn't have these little dips in it, just in case you're shooting to be supes accurate.

I know my jacket will be covering that partof the collar, as well as the lack of sleeves on the dress, so I say whenever you can use what you alreadyhave and make it work, go for it.

For the jacket, grab any navy windbreakerfrom your local thrift store.

Mine was $6.

Now shockingly enough, because I already hadthe shoes and the wig, these socks were the most expensive part ofthis whole costume.

But because Eleven is so popular right now, this particular yellow and green color comboof striped tube socks is surprisingly hard to find.

I found these socks on Amazon for $20.

But a cheaper DIY is to get white tube socksand use green and yellow tape, ribbon, or fabricpaint to create the stripes yourself.

Now whip out some white high tops.

Hers are all white Converse Allstars aka "Chucks" and the conveniently enough, I already hadthose exact shoes.

But any white shoes, like high tops, willbe just fine! Some bonuses you can add to this look area blonde wig: Eleanor style, a black watch to make sure you can meet yourbuds at the telephone poles at 3:15, Eggos in case ya girl gets hungry, omnomnomnom or even your very own sensory deprivationgoggles.

Again, another thing I strangely already had.

YouTuber life.

Thanks for the goggles, scientist me! The makeup for this is just a dirty face because the kid is all over the place in thisdress.

I use a few different shades from the Highlightand Contour Pro Palette from NYX to create these dirt smudges, sticking mostlywith the darker browns.

If you're dirtying up your face, you shouldprobs dirty up the clothes too just so that it all goes together.

And then you just top off the look with abloody nose and you're all done! Next up, let's do Eleven's look from HawkinsLab.

To create this cool headgear that Eleven wearsduring the experiments at the DoE totally from scratch, we are gonna get super crafty with the supplieswe have here, plus a Styrofoam head, straight pins, andspare fabric or a beanie.

To start off, get some clear vinyl from afabric store.

Taking either something roundish like thislid, trace out two circles on the vinyl with Sharpieand then cut them out.

If you have any marks of Sharpie left on yourcircles, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove theink.

Now to set up our workspace.

These Styrofoam heads are usually a littlebit smaller than actual human heads.

The male Styrofoam head is closer to actualsize than the female, but it is still a little bit small.

So, to make it closer to the dimensions ofyour head, measure your head with the wig on first, then wrap fabric around the Styrofoam to thickenit up until you get the Styrofoam head closer tothe actual width of your head.

To get this project going, take the vinyl circles and hold em up wherethey will go on the headgear, which is over the ears and forward towardsthe temple.

Pin them into place by pushing straight pinsthrough them into the Styrofoam head for a temporary hold while we get this headgearbuilt.

Now using an X-ACTO knife or scissors, cut a small little slice through the vinyl,positioned about right here.

Do the same thing on the piece of vinyl onthe other side of the head.

Now you're going to need a brown strap ofsome kind to create the cap of the headgear.

I am using a brown suede cord because it'svery durable, but it is a little bit wider than whateverthey used to make her cap.

Really, anything similar should work fine.

Take your strap and thread it through theslit in vinyl.

This part is super simple because the way to attach this piece is to just tieit in a knot.

Then thread the strap through the vinyl onother side, knot it off and then you have front of headgearalready! Super simple.

For the back, you could do just the same asthe front, but I wanted to make it fitted and flexibleby adding elastic to the back strap.

To do this, I measure the length of the backstrap and mark it at the halfway point on the headwith that pink little pin right there.

Then I pull the brown strap towards the middle and cut it off just shy of the center point, pinning it onto the head to hold it temporarily.

Repeat with the other side.

Then I take a small strip of black elastic and pin it between the two pieces of the backstrap.

Now you can either hand sew this elastic intoplace or use a sewing machine.

Whichever is easier for you.

And after you've got it all sewn together, you'll have a stretchy base to build up thisheadgear around! The next step is to find the middle pointof the front strap.

Pin a new strap perpendicular to that one, bring it across the length of the head, and pin it to the center of the back strapwhere that elastic is.

Add a strap on either side of the one runningdown the middle and pin them into place.

Remember to leave some extra head room upthere if you are going to be a wearing a wig.

Your head's gonna be a little bit taller thanusual.

And now we are going to sew along all of thosepoints where the straps meet for a good solid base construction.

If you're hand sewing this, know that pushing a needle through this thicksuede can be tough, but it's definitely not impossible.

You may just have to muscle it a little bit.

Because I have a sewing machine, it's much faster for me to just sew it thatway, but definitely don't feel like you need asewing machine to create this headgear.

Sewing by hand is absolutely an option.

You could even attach these straps with hotglue, but it would be less durable in the long run.

Now let's add the 4 intersecting straps bymaking slits in the vinyl, threading it through, crossing it over the head, and threading it through the vinyl other side.

Knot it and cut the excess off.

This part is has no sewing required becauseyou are just tying them in place.

Something to be considerate of is how bigyou're making the slits in the vinyl.

You want to them to be JUST big enough forthe strap to go through so that you can thread it, but not too big so that the knot will holdwithout sliding back through the hole.

And that's how you create the cap of thisheadgear! Now it's on to the details, which is alwaysmy favorite part of craft projects.

Eleven's headgear is covered in wires, which I am assuming are monitoring her brainactivity while she's using her super powers.

Well, I can say with 100% certainty that ourswill not do that, but it will still look very cool.

Let's do some DIY! The wires on her headgear look like headphonesto me, so I picked out a thin, rounded, silky whitecord from the craft store that is visually similar to a headphone wire.

Now using white tape, wrap it around the endof your cord, wrapping it at a slight angle so that it has this swirly bottom that buildsup in thickness.

Use some scissors to cut off the top part of thetape so that you have a straight, even edge.

Then just wrap some smaller red tape aroundthe top of the white tape to finish off our DIY brain monitoring wires.

One of my faves things about crafting stufflike this is cruising craft stores searching for supplies that look like what I need them to look like.

Their intended use is totally irrelevant ifthey have the look, so sometimes I end up with some really funnystuff.

The connection points for this headgear thatI settled on are some kind of doll eyes or animal eyes or something.

Terrifying, but they work for this project.

Now it's time to bust out your hot glue gun and glue the intersecting straps of the capto each other wherever they overlap.

This is so that when you put it on, they don'tslide around and lose their shape.

Then drop a dot of hot glue on the top ofthe intersecting sections and throw that eyeball on there.

These will be our connection points for thewires.

Then coming out from each connection point, draw a line of hot glue and stick your homemadewire right onto the cap.

Leave the wire hanging loose so that it has somefreedom to move around a little bit when you move.

Repeat this process all over the cap.

Having as many reference pictures as possibleis key for creating things from scratch.

I just hit play on Netflix and took a millionscreenshots to get references of all the angles of thisheadgear.

All of the wires along the sides are gluedon the vinyl side of the connection point and are pointing away from the vinyl, assumingthe red tape is the top of the cord.

The wires along the middle strap are glued behind the connection point facing forward.

Another thing I noticed from my referencephotos is that the last row in the back doesn't have thered tape on it.

I have no idea why, but that is just whatit looks like.

When I am crafting stuff like this, I usually save the very front for last because by then I've had lots of practicecreating the wires and attaching them, so I can do a nice clean application for theones that people will see the most.

The last little detail that I'm going to addis two little metal pieces to the vinyl.

To get this look, I am using half of a snap, and just sewing it right on there.

It's literally just half a snap so it doesn'tdo anything at all.

It doesn't even snap into anything.

It serves no practical purpose.

It's just there to mimic whatever is goingon with Eleven's headgear.

To put it on, you stretch it over your wigor bald cap or shaved head and pull it on.

Do this carefully.

While the construction is pretty solid, itis still a handmade DIY costume prop, so treat it gently if you can.

The elastic really helps it go on easily andfit securely on your head, so I highly recommend adding that one littlepiece.

It goes a long way! For the makeup, I chose the part when Eleven uses her powersto the extreme at Hawkins Lab to give us more to work withthan just your average nose bleed.

Starting with brown eyeshadow, hollow outyour eye sockets.

Cover the inner corner, swoop it down underyour eye, and smudge it up under your lower lashes toofor good measure.

Then I take a red eyeshadow and add it tothe inner corner and along the lower lash line to add a moredramatic effect.

Then I blend the red into the brown becauseit's a little bright for this.


it is SO red, so fix that by blending or by adding morebrown on top of it if it is still too intense.

Now for the veins and blood vessels, I'm using Kryolan's water activated body paintsin red and blue.

Dilute the paint way down with water so you don't have much pigment on your brushat all, and faintly draw these blue veins on yourforehead.

One in the center and two on either side pointingin.

When working with water-activated paint, you can wet your finger and tap on the paintto blend it out until it's an opacity that works for you.

This is particularly useful when you accidentallyapply way too much color.

Then I add blue veins and red blood vesselsall around my eyes and all over my face and on my lips.

I don't really feel like these veins and bloodvessels are in places that make any anatomical sense, but I am just following my reference picturesfrom that scene to make it as close to what her makeup lookslike on the show.

After I finish putting all the blue down whichis the veins, I come back in on top of that with red tomake the burst blood vessels.

And I also add a few little cuts here andthere as well.

And ya know, when she uses her powers to thisextreme, she bleeds a little bit more than her usualnose bleed.

So I add blood dripping from both nostrilsand coming out of both of my ears.

And that completes Eleven's Hawkins Lab outfit.



Bonus props for this look are a crunched upCoke can or a cat that you will not be using your powersagainst because cats are the best.

Finally our last look in this ultimate cosplayguide, we have the Upside Down.

As usual, we are DIYing this outfit and I want to do it in a way that is accessibleto as many people as possible, so instead of using expensive materials and a sewing pattern to make it from scratch, we are going to be using an all white morphsuit.


Looking good, Alexa.

So, this material is definitely not spot onwith Eleven's heavier off-white fabric, but you can get this for around $20 and it will provide you with all the fabricyou need to make this costume.

I start this alteration process by cuttingat least half of legs off, while still making sure to leave plenty oflength to create the shorts.

They don't need to be even right now.

We are just cutting away the spare fabricto make it easier to work with.

Then I try the suit on inside out and fold the leg fabric up until the shortsare the length I want them and are nice and straight and even.

Pin them in place when ya got em how you wantem.

Then you will sew the edge to create a niceclean hem.

If you don't have a sewing machine, thereare other ways of creating hems.

You could use a product called Heat n Bond, which is basically like hot glue for fabric, Liquid Stitch is like white school glue forfabric.

You could hand stitch it.

You could even use Velcro if you're desperate.

Oh and you know what? You don't even have to hem it if you cut itreally straight.

You do you and make this costume however youwant! After I've sewn the hem on there, I trim theexcess fabric off and then iron the hem to flatten it out.

Ironing is a step that is easy to skip, but it makes a big difference in making youredges look complete.

Now I am moving on to the sleeves and neck.

Like with the legs, just cut them off! We don't need em! Again, put the suit on inside out and start pinning the shape of the sleeveholes and mark how low you want the neck to go witha straight pin.

I will definitely tell you that I am a "makeit up as you go" kind of crafter, especially when it comes to clothing alterations.

I have only been sewing for about a year so this is not an expert level project by anymeans.

It's probably not even the correct way togo about something like this, but I am here to show you how I made my costumeand this is how I did it! So, sew the edges, trim the excess fabric,and iron those sleeve holes.

For the neck, I mark the shape of the neckline out with a pencil, trim the neck fabric leaving enough extrafabric to fold it over and make a hem, pin it how I want it, sew along the edge,trim the excess, and iron the neck line.

That finishes up turning the original morphsuitinto a sleeveless one-piece, so now we just need to add the little blocksto the front and back of the suit.

For this task, I am going to be using Styrofoam,a knife, wax, recycled fabric from the arms and legs ofthe morphsuit, straight pins, Liquid Stitch, and Velcro.

Styrofoam comes in a wide variety of quality from this nicer, easier to work with Styrofoam, to the packing and shipping Styrofoam that breaks off into those little balls wheneveryou touch it.

This kind of craft Styrofoam is MUCH betterfor projects like this and you can find it at your local craft store.

The serrated knife and wax are going to beour tools for cutting the styrofoam into appropriatelysized blocks.

If you wax a knife blade with a candle ora wax melt cube thing or whatever before you cut Styrofoam, it will cut througheasier.

This is especially important for the cheaperkind of Styrofoam to help prevent the little styroballs fromtaking over your life.

Using a sawing motion and even pressure, cutdown through the Styrofoam.

I would only recommend making straight cuts if you are cutting with a knife like this.

There are tools made specifically for cuttingStyrofoam that are better for cutting shapes, like hotwire tools or there are even electric tools literallycalled Styrofoam cutters.

Cut five strips from this big Styrofoam sheetand try to cut them as straight as possible.

I also cut one or two extra so I can pickthe straightest pieces from the bunch, but you'll need five total- four for the front and one for the back.

Then figure out how long you want the blocksto be.

I picked the length of mine by holding theblock up to the suit and marking what I thought would be a good length for my individual personal suit.

Then I cut one block to that length and usedit as a guide to measure and cut all of the rest of the blocks so they'reall exactly the same size.

Now we are going to wrap these Styrofoam blocksup in fabric.

The fabric we are using is the scrap fabricthat we cut off of the morphsuit so that when we are done, the blocks are exactlythe same fabric as the suit, and it all matches perfectly.

Grab a scrap.

This one is a leg and cut down along the seamto open it up.

Then lay it flat out on your workspace.

If you have a preference on which side shouldbe the front of your Styrofoam block, now is a time to choose.

Place the block face down on the fabric, sothe back side of the block is up.

Cut the fabric around the shape of Styrofoam, leaving enough fabric to wrap it around eachside of the Styrofoam block.

Essentially, it's like wrapping a gift likea birthday gift or a Christmas present.

So with gift wrapping in mind, put some fabric glue down along the middleof the back side of Styrofoam block.

Bring one side up and stick it down in theglue.

Add some more glue and pull the fabric untilit's tight, sticking the other side down and pin the fabricinto place while the glue dries.

How to glue the sides are harder explain ifyou don't know how to wrap gifts, so I am really hoping that you do! The sides are going to be a 2 step processso we will call this step 1.

For step 1, I fold the top part down and thenfold the sides in, gluing everything as I go.

Pin it wherever the glue is wet to hold itall together while the glue dries and bonds to the fabric.

For now, we are leaving that bottom flap justchillin while the glue dries, but we will come back to it and make thisa nice neat little wrapped styro block.

After the glue has dried, it is time for step2.

Remove all of the pins from step 1.

The pins on the side.

As long as the glue is dry, it shouldn't matterthat the pins are out.

So now take the bottom flap and pull it upto close off the side.

Glue it on there and, you guessed it- pinit into place.

Let it dry.

I let these blocks dry overnight just to makesure everything is super completely dry, especially the blocks where I went a littlebit heavy on the glue.

The next day, I pull all the pins out andbring out the Velcro.

We are going to be attaching the blocks tothe suit by using sticky-back fabric Velcro.

How you apply the Velcro to your blocks isgoing to depend on how much Velcro you have.

If you have a bunch of it, the best way isgoing to be to line the entire block in two vertical strips so that the block will be flush against thefabric at all times.

If you just Velcro the top and bottom, you can get some spacing right in there inthe middle between your block and suit.

So if you don't have enough Velcro to do thewhole back vertically, I would do at least three horizontal lines,but the more the better.

Sticky-back Velcro is the best thing ever.

It is SO easy to apply.

You just peel the back off like a sticker and stick one side to your block and the other side to your suit.

I'll show you that part in a second, but first,let's line all these blocks.

You'll notice that if the strip runs out,it is no biggie at all.

You can just grab a new strip and keep goingright where you left off.

The reverse side of the Velcro is going togo onto the suit.

In my opinion, the easiest way to do thisis to go ahead and hook the Velcro to it's partner on theblock, then remove the backing, and stick the wholething on to the suit.

To make sure it's centered, you should lookat it straight on, which apparently means standing right in frontof the camera.

Whoops! Attach the Velcro to itself, remove the backing,and stick it on.

I run my hand along the inside of the fabricto make sure it's all connected and all stuck on therereally well.

The front has one horizontal block and threevertical blocks.

A benefit of Velcro is that's not permanent.

You could switch the blocks around or replace them if one starts looking weird orgets damaged.

I ended up replacing the middle one just because I didn't like a wrinkle that was in the fabric.

So it's super versatile.

For the block in the back, I cut out a little path in the middle forthe zipper, and otherwise it's just the same as the front.

You will have to remove the back block touse the zipper, so the block will need to come off each timeyou take the suit on and off.

For some extra little last-touch detailing, I decided to add the flaps on the shouldersthat hold Eleven's suit together.

Since our suit is already completely constructed, these flaps for us are purely decorative, but who doesn't love the details? So I drew out two little half moon shapesin our leftover morphsuit fabric, cut them out, hemmed and trimmed, and then sewed them straight onto the shouldersof the costume.

Then I covered them in a fabric stiffenercalled Stiffen Quick because this material is so flexible and floppythat it just form fits back onto itself and you can barely even see the flaps thatwe just spent the time making.

So I stiffened them and once they dried and I put a little pieceof Velcro under each flap to lift them up and make them a tiny bit morevisible.

And that concludes our DIY alteration of amorphsuit into an Upside Down suit! If you are looking for additional props forthis costume, I would do a helmet-like thing like the machine-helmet-guy that they puton her when she is going into the tank that takesher to the Upside Down.

For the helmet, I got a really cheap astronauthelmet that I can take on and off whenever I want.

A nice thing about this one is that is hasa hole in one side of it so you can eat, drink, breathe, whatever.

And then you can spin it around for a solidside for photos and stuff like that.

I definitely took advantage of this hole becauseHalloween means candy and yall know how I feel about candy.

Okay! Last thing! Upside Down makeup! This makeup is super easy.

The easiest one! It's inspired by the time she touches thedemogorgon in the Upside Down and it cuts to her screaming in the helmet.

You know.

like this.

Her nosebleed is extra intense in this scene and goes off to the side like she has beenblasted by wind.

So take some blood and apply it to your nostril, off to the side and back.

That's it! Oh my goodness, babes.

We have made it to the end of the longestvideo ever.

I thought it would be cool to give you mostof Eleven's season 1 cosplay options in one video without really thinking that3 costume tutorials and a wig tutorial in one video would be 40minutes long.

Whoops! But you made it to the end and I appreciateyou watching it all the way through.

If you do end up making any of these costumesor being Eleven for Halloween or cosplaying her at a convention or somethinglike that, tag me in your photos on Instagram and Twitter so that I can see your creations! Also check out Kristi's incredible demogorgonover on her channel RawBeautyKristi, linked in the descriptionbox below.

I love you guys so much and I will see younext time.


Source: Youtube