STORM (X-MEN) Makeup Tutorial

STORM (X-MEN) Makeup Tutorial

So before filming I already painted my hairwhite or at least gray using some white body paint, now I’m taking gluestick and I’mgoing to flatten down my brows down by stroking in the direction of hair growth.

AfterwardsI’m going set the glue with powder and add an additional layer of glue to ensure they’redown for the long run.

The flatter the better, so add more layers as you see fit.

After settingthe glue with a final layer of powder, conceal the colour of the brows using a concealer!I’m actually using this full coverage foundation by Kat Von D.

Notice how I’m applying itvery gently so as not to disturb the glue.

Covering the brows and drawing new ones isnot a necessary step but I like the transformative power, plus I want thin, arched over exaggeratedbitch brows for this look and my natural brows are simply way too approachable.

After setting your brow block with more settingpowder, go ahead and apply base.

I’m using my favourite new foundation brush from Sigma,called their 3DHD kabuki with some more Kat Von D foundation, thinned out with L’Orealtrue match.

To conceal my dark circles I’m using Benefit’serase paste concealer, and finally I’m setting my entire face.

Using a bronzer of choice on a large fluffypowder brush, add shading to the cheekbones and temples, with careful attention to blending.

This is going to act as a transition shade to our contour.

Now using a darker contourcolour, I’m actually using brown eyeshadow on a large eyeshadow blending brush, I’mdeepening my contour in the hollow of my cheeks and my temples.

Moving on to the eyes, I’m prepping thelids using MAC Soft Ochre Paint pot.

Taking that same paintpot on a flat concealer brush, use any brush with a flat belly, I’m etching out my browhighlight.

This can actually be done with any cream highlight colour like a concealeror foundation.

What I’m doing is planning where I’m drawing my brow.

This helps avoidasymmetrical brows, which is a mistake I make really often, normally you just work withyour natural brow as a guide but it’s hard drawing new brows on a blank canvas.

As youcan see, the shape I’ve chosen is very arched, thin and high, kind of like if Storm was adrag queen.

To create the brow I’m using an old favourite, the MAC 266 brush with Anastasiadipbrow which I’ve thinned out with a little makeup oil I had lying around since my pomadewas getting dry and hard to work with.

I like it to be quite runny so it goes on like paint.

Anyway as you can see I like to keep the front of the brow fairly natural by drawing hair-likestrokes.

On the eyes, we’re starting off by usinga light taupe transitional shadow, blending this into my crease with circular motions.

It should be light enough that it’s just barely darker than your skin.

Continue layeringuntil you get visible definition.

At this point, move on to a darker brown eyeshadow,stipple this on with a smaller brush so it’s not messy, I’m using a sigma buff and blend.

Using your original blending brush, diffuse this into the transitional shadow.

Repeatthis process once again with a black eyeshadow! And repeat as many times as necessary untilyou have both intensity of darkness, and softness of blending.

Next, apply winged liner using tool of choice,I use gel.

On the lower lashline, I’m colouring inmy waterline with the same liner I used on the top, which I wouldn’t recommend if youused liquid.

When your waterline is black, start blending black and brown shadow intothe lashline, blending until it fades effortlessly into the skin.

Then, simply apply your mascara and lashes.

Be sure to pick some sickening lashes, I chose a relatively natural pair because I wantedit to look glam like women’s lashes and not drag queen lashes because I’m fish.

For the lips, I chose to opt for a nude lipif I could do it over I would have went for like MAC cyber or sin, any bold dark lip colourbut I went nude because that’s what Halle Barry had in my reference pictures.

You can stop here if you want but I decidedto take some creative liberty and draw some lightning bolts on my face coming out frommy eyes.

Fun fact I tried a look similar to this like months ago and I wasn’t happywith it so I didn’t show anyone but i wanted to revisit that idea today, what happenedwas that I didn’t like how my lightning was so thick, so the second time around Imade sure to keep them looking more thin and believable, so I used a NYX white liquid liner,being sure to apply pressure strategically, pressing gently for thinner lines and harderfor more visible ones.

And with that, the makeup is done, but thestorm look isn’t complete without white mesh contacts from CamoEyes, I am soooo obsessedwith these I wanna wear them every day.

Before I had these I like mastered the art of rollingmy eyes to the back of my head so it looked like my pupils were gone but it never lookedright, now I can live my dream of having no pupils.

And on that note, the look is complete! Pleaselike comment and subscribe if you liked this look, and I’ll see you all in my next video.


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