Springtrap | Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 | Makeup Tutorial

Springtrap | Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 | Makeup Tutorial

I started by applying the bald cap andthen going over my eye brows with spirit gum to flatten them down and protectthem.

And then I went over the seam of the bald cap with a few layers of latexto help blend it in To map out the areas of my face I just used a black eyeliner andfollowed a reference picture to figure out how things should sit I mix together the green brown andyellow Hydrocolors to get the skin tone I wanted and kept it uneven to help withthe broken down to decayed look.

I know Springtrap is meant to be mostly brown (or gold)but I love the color tint he gets from the lights in the game and wanted tomimic that I used mainly brown to go over the noseas well as for the other areas of the eyes to help them look more recessed For the eyes themselves I started withthe white Hydrocolor and made sure to set it with powder as I went, to preventtransfer when I would open my eyes Taking the black Hydrocolor I startedcreating the iris and followed that with the gray, finding it a lot easier to workfrom the outside in.

This part can take a bit of time from just trying to get thebest circular shape that you can, so it helps to hold your eye as straight aspossible when it's closed I filled in the remaining area of the eyewith black and then took a grey eye shadow to go around the white areaand make it appear deeper With the black, I outline the eye shapeand added a few cracks around it and then with the white again I moved on tofilling in the teeth area I filled in the remainder with black andused a detail brush to go between the teeth and help shape them further ifthey needed it Once I moved on to outlining I made sureto also add extra cracking and texture as I went Springtrap has a lot of fine linesalong his face that almost look like worn leather To shade the teeth I went over them witha grey and black eyeshadow along the outside and also added a bit of a browncopper color over top, to help them look rusted I also pulled the black eyeshadow alongall my outlines to help soften them a bit and make the skin look thicker For areas where he has wires stickingout I added some cracking and broken places then just use some colored craftfoam and pros aide adhesive to attach them These work nicely because craft foam canbe scrunched and bent a bit to give the shape you want The neck area i kept pretty simple, justcreating a broken area with some wires and used the black Hydrocolor and eyeshadow to shade it in I added the white centers to his eyeslast just so I wouldn't smudge them through application, and the final stepwas to attach his ears with some pros aide adhesive and I'll have a video how tomake them if you're interested and that was that!.

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