Splurge Cream Eye Shadow

Splurge Cream Eye Shadow

Tia Montgomery met.

A professional makeup artist.

Today she talks eyes.

In particular, as to achieve a more natural appearance.

For the days when you want a more casual feel.

You might be surprised that one of the best ways to achieve this goal through the use of a finger! Tia used Splurge Cream Eye Shadow.

It does it with a light pat motion If you use your fingers it warms shades.

What good is it to go smoothly.

and there is a softer appearance.

Splurge Cream Eye Shadow is amazing! It is so velvety soft and it is also crease proof This is something that everyone wants.

And it stays on for 12 hours.

So no need to touch up throughout the day! And there you have it! A soft, natural look with Splurge Cream Eye Shadow.

Source: Youtube