Soft Eye Makeup and Purple Lipstick (How To Fix Crooked Eyeliner When You Screw Up Like I Did)

Soft Eye Makeup and Purple Lipstick (How To Fix Crooked Eyeliner When You Screw Up Like I Did)

Hello everyone, today I'll show a trick to fix crooked eyeliner.

To begin, I'll apply a nude eyeshadow on my eyelid.

Next I apply an eyeshadow, two tones darker, creating a soft contour, making the transition of next colors softly.

Then I apply a cool malve, smoking to diagonal and apply a warm brown beside, It's a bit hard because I have different temperatures here, so make sure you're using analogous harmonic colors.

I'll smoke the corners.

Always when I smoke an eyeshadow, its lost intensity, so I'll repeat the last steps to a better finishing, And apply a white eyeshadow on the browbone.

I'll apply a primer on the tear duct, And cover it using a beige pencil.

I'll apply 3 white eyeshadows, a matte, a pearl and a shimmer, making the radius smaller till you get a dot of light I'll apply a paste eyeliner on the waterline, And lower lash line, Then I apply a wine eyeshadow over it.

Using a black eyeshadow I create a gradient between shades.

The trick of this eyeliner is making a thin trace on upper lash line, don't worry about the shape I create a wing still no worrying about precision, just holding my skin to not move, don't pull it.

I just connect the lines, At the end IF you need, you can pull your skin just a bit to put product on wrinkles.

Using a concealer I'll fix the errors.

So you don't need to worry about making it look perfect at first try.

I smoke the corners, And apply a mascara on upper and lower lashes.

I clean my skin with a fan brush, And apply the falsies with a tweezers.

Then I can make the eyeliner look thicker tracing above the falsies line.

For this look I'll use a soft contour.

I'll apply a peach pinkish blush on the top of my cheekbones.

And I'll apply a liquid purple lipstick on the center of my lips.

Removing any excess and apply on the corners.

I'll apply a second layer to intensify the color.

I fix mistakes with a cotton swab.

Then I hated my lashes on this look, So I applied another set over it.

Don't do it!!! If this happen to you, remove the bad lashes, do eyeliner again and apply new ones.

I'm just doing it because it's cloudy and started to be too dark to recording.

Now, that's it.

Thank you so much for watching! Please, comments, questions, leave bellow, I'll answer as soon as I can.

Ans that's all folks, beigos (kisses)!.

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