Soft Bronze Smokey Eyes and Brown Metallic Lips makeup

Soft Bronze Smokey Eyes and Brown Metallic Lips makeup

Hello to everyone! Thanks for watching Today I do smoky eyes and light brown bronze metallic make-up lips perfect for times when you get up in the evening with your friends! I drove up in my face moisturizer Then I use my color corrector palette I mix of orange and pink color for my eyes lower closing my eyes took in purple I am also using green to red areas on my face I am also using me to turn yellow color visible veins I wets before using my beauty belender'ı I use my Abha light cream contour kit Then I use the Maybelinn Instant Age rewind light color Kitty is always with me.

I love her so much Name ponçik.

Meaning sweet, fluffy and cute.

Full name of my daughter uyuyor.

çok sweet 🙂 He loves me şapşik.

Because my mother 🙂 Since it was a month with me, now 8 months We sleep together every night, every time we are together as you can see 🙂 I use my Abha light to medium contour kit a contour kit to fix my eyes took the form of kullanıyorum.

Pudr I use a black eyeliner Kylie I use as eyeshadow Bronze Kyshadow I want to create a smoky light bronze image Then I pinch my eyelashes I use mascara Essence get as big lashes I've been using my ear cotton to correct minor errors Huda'm using my false eyelashes Beauty scarlett Very beautiful I abhor my face konturluy with light to medium strokes dipbrow abhor pomade for my eyebrows I use ebony They abhor the use kit offers enlightening glow dipped fullips medium to plump my lips I kellanıy I use it as lipstick Kylie lipkit truebrownk I'm waiting for my lipstick dry I use my lips abhor glowkit for metallic look Here's my makeup done already! Light brown metallic bronze smoky eyes and lips I hope you had a good time watching my videos Do not forget to like if you like it Video Thank you for watching! See you soon again!.

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