SNAPCHAT: Watercolour Pop Art Makeup Tutorial | Cherry Wallis

SNAPCHAT: Watercolour Pop Art Makeup Tutorial | Cherry Wallis

(bright electronic music) – [Cherry] Hello, friends, andwelcome back to my channel! So today I thought I would have a go at one of my favorite Snapchatfilters using make-up, but I will quickly show some love to one of my favorite YouTubers, Mykie from Glam and Gore, which I'm fairly certain thatthis look originated from.

I will link it down below because she's absolutely incredible.

So, without further ado, let's dive straight into the make-up.

So, for this look, I gonna be using my Mehron Paradise palettes, which are water-activated paints, because we want a watercolor paint look, so it's really great for that.

I'm using a reference image of myself with the Snapchat filter on me, and I'm just placing colorwhere it is around the eyes whilst trying my best tocolor-match as I go along.

I think an important thingwhen doing this make-up is actually patience, which isnot one of my strong points, especially with the colorful paint drips.

It can be tricky to guide themwhere you want them to go, but overall, I think it's really worth it because it looks much morerealistic than painting them on.

And it makes them look authentic.

So I went ahead and Itried to copy the eye paint as accurately as I could.

(smooth electronic music) Yup, I did just get alot of paint in my eye.

10 out of 10, do not recommend.

(smooth electronic music) Moving on to the lips, Istarted with a pink base and I added the other colors on the top.

And I also added a few mini paint drips underneath my bottom lip.

The thing that makes this look really pop is actually the black outlines, so for this, I used amixture of an eyeliner pen and black paint from the Mehron palettes.

Eyeliner pens don't reallylike being drawn over products such as foundation, as ittends to clog up the end and it stops it from working very well, and it makes me reallysad when that happens.

But you can always rely on paint.

I started off with mybrows, and fortunately we really don't need themto be on fleek today; we want them to look reallythick, bushy, and black.

Once those were done, Imoved on to the nose outline, down the length of mynose, around the tip, and around the sides of my nostrils, and also that little sectionabove the cupid's bow.

I don't really know what that's called.

(smooth electronic music) Next is lining the lips,which is fairly easy, but holy moly, I thinkit looks really cool! I was going to use anactual eyeliner for my eyes, but I thought using the paint would tie into the rest of the make-up look, so I did some cat-eye wings on the inner and the outer corners.

Then, of course, it was timeto slap on a coat of mascara and also pop on some false eyelashes.

And that's it! This is my take on the PopArt rainbow tears make-up look.

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