Hi girls! Welcome to my channel again! After the summer break, finally here we are! This will be a very easy tutorial made with Rybella Make-Up products Rybella is a low-cost brand italian They sent me 11 products, they're so kind I know I'll go to make entire make-up With These products In this easy make-up we have eyeliner and some dark and soft colors on my eyelids but with a colored twist in my inner corner with the light blue eyeshadow I used it wet Because it's a bit dusty while the other eyeshadows I did not used they wet Because They're very pigmented I really like them they are so silky The eyeliner is ok but I do not like the mascara Because I want an eye-catching effect on my lashes if you prefer a natural effect on your lashes, this mascara would be ok for you I used this concealer stick too a fluid foundation powder and blush Which I really like! I'll talk better about all the products in the tutorial You can find all my links and all the products name in the info box! Let me know what do you think about the make-up and Rybella's products Let's begin! A big kiss! Bye ♡ Let's begin with the tutorial! I'm gonna use eyeshadow.

10 Which is a neutral light brown it will be my color transition blend very well Because it will be homogeneous and now I'm gonna use another eyeshadow eyeshadow 12 it's a purple / crimson color blend very well with the color transition Now it's the time for this Eyes Jumbo it's black with some glitter and I put them in the external part of my eyelid and I blend Now it's time for eyeliner This is "Ink Liner" I think it's a good product I'm gonna make the classic eyeliner line with the wing I take again the Jumbo Pencil and with a flat brush I'm gonna take it in the lower part of my eye like a normal pencil or eyeshadow I'm gonna blend with the brown eyeshadow Now I'm taking the light blue eyeshadow, Which is n.

05 I'm gonna put them wet in the inner corner of my eyes It will be my light point in this make-up I put the glue on my false eyelashes These false eyelashes are from Aliexpress but first I put a bit of mascara on my lashes This is "Extra Volume Mascara" After curving my lashes, I can put my false lashes I gonna put another bit of mascara, to put together flase and real lashes! Now, with a small flat brush I put a bit of mascara on my lower lashes I know we can keep clean the make-up! This is a very light mascara, in my opinion I know I prefer to put on my false eyelashas too Ok, eyes make-up is completed! Now it's time for the face I used this stick concealer to minimize imperfections I proceed with the fluid foundation At first I tried to apply it with hands, but I prefer to apply it with a wet beautyblender! It's the perfect application! I put the foundation all over my face Now I take the powder I'm very silky, I love it and it's very perfumed, like all powder products by Rybella I think it's really pleasant I fix the foundation under my eyes with the powder Then I put on the fard This is n.

02 a sort of natural mauve pink I had chosen this lipstick, Which is a hot red, N.

08 it'a a matte lipstick and a very hot red! A beautiful shade but it's on my terrible Because I'm a Deep Soft Winter in Armocromia, I know These shades are terrible on me! So, to dampen the saturation I put it on my lips with a flat brush but the color is so beautiful and it's really long lasting So, make-up is complete! I hope you like it! A kiss! ♡ If you know Di.

products I was saying "Divella" instead of "Rybella" (Divella is an italian brand of pasta hahaha).

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