Skeleton Makeup : Watchers of the Night

Skeleton Makeup : Watchers of the Night

Hello Beautiful.

I have a look infarction for you to try.

The first thing you have to do It is to cover your eyebrows with glue stick.

You need just a little, and I spread it over your eyebrows to flatten.

When dry, we can start with makeup.

This is not essential, but if you want the makeup last all night, prepare your face first.

It will help keep your makeup in place.

Now use black eyeliner to outline on your face.

Begins by outlining the eye contour.

Then the nose.

And the hollows of the cheeks.

If you need more help, I recommend you look images of skeletons.

You can also touch the bones of your face.

Some areas stand out, and some sink.

It's like a small class of anatomy.

And now, take the black paint and fill the eye sockets.

Simply wet your brush and press it to activate the paint.

I'm using a makeup that is activated with water.

It is good for use with children as well.

Simply fill basins your eyes with this black color.

And you can stop here if you want to look like a cute panda Now take the white paint and your brush, paints the area of ​​the bones.

Start with the forehead and looking down.

I recommend working with layers so you can create contrast where you need.

And do not worry about getting perfect lines because later we are going to esfumar.

Keep painting to reveal your skeleton.

you can also go through your lips.

And do not worry because it is not aggressive to the skin.

The best thing about this is that when finished, you can remove simply with water.

Try to create depth and dimension highlighting They are protruding skeletal features, such as cheeks, forehead and teeth.

Now, if you need better precision for smaller areas, simply use a smaller brush.

When drawing on the nose, try not cover the entire area, just make a triangle on the front.

As I have a shirt strapless, I'll paint my cleavage too.

Look for a shirt skeleton reaches the neck to not have to paint everything.

But if you want to go for everything, he painted directly on your body.

Too easy.

You have only to freely paint the shape of the skeleton.

And do not worry about being precise, people will understand the idea.

Now, with black paint, begins to fill the gaps, of course, the skin covering, exposing only the bones and radiography.

Most importantly, have fun with this look.

So experiment and play.

Use a sponge with a little white face paint to melt and get a more realistic look.

And if you feel it is very difficult, ask someone for help.

Once drawn the gaps, take the brush eyeliner and draw the teeth on your lips.

Remember, do not have to be perfect.

If you prefer, you can use a black eyeliner for lines.

And now let's do the shadows.

You just need a fluffy shadow brush and use a mixture of black and dark purple, for shade around the eyes, lips, cheeks and forehead.

This will give your look more dimension and ruggedness.

A kind of guru Shiatsu but for the undead.

Once finished the shadows, use a sponge with a little white paint to melt and soften the shadows.

And if you want a piercing look, ponte a clear contact lenses intense.

Finish your makeup using black eyeliner on top and bottom of the eye.

Are you ready.

And if you want one last great touch, wear a wig beautiful colors.

Ready to kill.

I love them and of course, good luck.

GOOD LUCK Music is my favorite band, Late Night Alumni.

And Oculus Of Glass.

And my book, Guide To Makeover Your Life, for beauty, style and Success Online and Off is available in all outlets.

Goodbye to all, see you in my next video.

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