Simply Red Lips – Makeup Look

Simply Red Lips – Makeup Look

Hello! My name is Dee.

And I’m bringingyou a “Simply Red Lips” look, as requested by a friend.

And for this look, a light, kindof a smoky brown eye with very vibrant red lips.

So let’s start.

So here, we’re gonnatake our primer and just apply it all over our face and neck.

And this is just to insurethat our foundation isn’t going to go anywhere throughout the day.

Now, taking the foundation,or two in my case, I’m going to blend them together, so that it’s my right skin tone,and then dot it near the center of my face.

And then I’m going to take my Real Techniquesbrush and just apply it all around my face, making sure that I have a lovely even tone.

And I’m also going to take some and put it on my neck and blend that all in, so itdoesn’t look like I’m wearing a mask of makeup.

And we are just taking our beautysponge and going over that to make sure there are no streaks.

Next I’m going to take concealerand dot it under my eyes, and any other place that I feel needs concealing.

Then I’m goingto take my blending sponge and just blend that out.

Now it’s time for setting powder.

I’m just going to take a little bit and gently go over the places where I put concealeron and then buff the rest around my face.

Now, it’s time to prime the eyes with ourUrban Decay Primer potion and I’m going to just warm that up between my fingers, andthen gently apply it onto my eyelid.

And this is going to keep our eye shadow from movingaround during the day and also make sure that the colors show really vibrantly.

Now, I’mpicking up this Missha eye shadow duo set that I got a long time ago and taking thislovely rosy pink color and applying it to my lid here.

And we’re going to put it juston the lid, nowhere else.

And then we’re going to take this milky, milky, silky, shimmeringbrown and just put this on our crease and on the outer corner of our eye.

And then we’regoing to blend this all on our brow bone to create some depth.

And also because it’sshimmery it’s going to draw attention to the top part of our eye.

If you have a monolidor if you have a hooded eye you might want to keep this matte.

And I’m deciding thatI want to darken it, so I’m going to take this Khaki color as this kind of transitioncolor.

Make a silly face there for a second for some reason.

I don’t know.

And thenwe’re going to apply that also to the brow bone (upper lid area).

And then I’m goingto take the matte brown that is a little bit darker than what we had before, and just gentlyapply it up to the top of the brow as well.

You can skip this step if you want.

If thefirst brown worked for you, then that’s fine.

And then this is going to further adddimension.

Taking a pencil brush and some black shadow, I’m going to then just applyto my crease and outer corner of my eye.

And then blend that some more, until it createsthe depth that I really want.

I have a very flat eyelid, so I want it to be nice and [three]dimensional.

On to the brows.

So I’m going to take my Etude brow pencil…Etude Housebrow pencil, rather, brow pencil, and take the spoolie and brush my eyebrows into theshape I want.

I really need to pluck my eyebrows! And then I’m going to fill with small strokeswhere the hair is sparse.

And here I’m just lining up the pencil, trying to see wheremy eyebrows should end.

If you take the pencil and line it up from the corner of your noseto the corner of your eye, it should show you where your eyebrows end.

My eyebrows tendto fall short of that.

And here I’m just on the other side gently filling it in.

Youcan fill it in however you want.

I just like a really natural sort of eyebrow.

And thenI’m going to take my Maybelline Brow Drama eyebrow mascara and just go over the hairsbecause I don’t want them to look crazy during the day, so this will help them keepin place.

I’m going to line my eye with this Etude House Drawing pencil liner.

AndI’m just going in small strokes, lining very close to the lash line.

I gave my selfa little flick.

And then I’m grabbing my angled brush and just blending that out.

Andagain extending that a little bit outside the eyelid here, so I have a nice little flick.

You can stop here if you want.

Usually when I go out, I just do this, but it’s alsoreally helpful if you’re going over it again with a brush liner like this because if youare a beginner, it hides your mistakes.

So, if you can’t get too close to the lash line,then it’s no worries! Now, what if we made a boo-boo, which I did, and we don’t reallywant that! We are going to take our eye and lip remover… Eye – Lip remover.

Like,makeup remover…yeeeeah…And we take a Q-Tip (cotton swab) and just go over our mistake,and erase that baby! And you can do that to help with the corner of your eye and makeit nice and sharp, too.

We’re just going to take our lash curler and curl those babies.

And this is going to help our lashes look even longer.

And take some mascara, I’musing L’Oreal’s Miss Manga mascara.

And I really like this one.

And we’re goingto do our upper and lower lid.

Now grabbing the bronzer, I’m going to use an angled contourbrush and go along my forehead, the center of my cheek and jawline with this to add abit more shape.

To be honest with you, I don’t think this is the right color for me, butI’m going to work with it.

And if you are trying to find the center of your cheek, justsuck in like I did just there.

Now, with a fan brush I’m grabbing this berry pink blusherand just lightly dusting it on to my cheeks until I get just a little bit of color, don’twant too much.

We’re looking for a natural blush there.

And then we our highlighter,and this is the Skin Food Cake Finish highlighter.

Then grabbing that brush and taking a sniffof that wonderful, wonderful highlighter—It smells really good—and we’re going overthe top of our cheeks, the center of our nose, the center of our forehead, then the chinand the cupid’s bow.

It’s time for lips! And we’re taking our lip liner here, whichis Jordana’s Sedona Red, and we’re going to fill in our lips with this.

This is goingto keep our lipstick on for longer than what it would if we didn’t put this on first.

Taking our NYC Retro Red lipstick we’re going to go ahead and put it on our lips.

You can do it the traditional way, OR you can take a lip brush take some of the lipstickand then draw it on that way.

And it will keep for even longer, so it’s a good reasonto invest in a lip brush.

Typically we will have excess lipstick that might get on ourteeth, so we’re going to take some tissue and press our lips [on] that, and the excesswill come off on the tissue and not on your teeth.

And I’m failing to really show youthat! Or you can take your finger and stick it in and pull it out, but make sure it’sclean…please! And that’s it! And now you have your lovely light but three dimensionaleyes with red lipstick, and this is what it looks like in natural light.

I’m going toput the information of what I used in the description box below.

Thank you so much!And, again, I’m going to be doing more videos, so please “like” if you like this video,share and subscribe! Bye!.

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