it's time to break it downfor upturned eyes.

We've created this custom box for each shape to show youhow to get the most of your gorgeous eyes with our new amazingfull exposure palette.

There's a look for day, one for night and a defined look foreach shape.

for today I'm going to show you how to create a night look, which is reallythe most dramatic of all three looks I like to call upturned eyes happy eyes becausethey're always so perked up.

It's that beautiful natural lift at the outercorners that I love to make them look even more gorgeous you reallywant to emphasize the upward lift and enhance the symmetryI've already prepped my model with 24 hour photo finish shadow primerthis is the latest new lid primer and it's amazing: be sure to keep an eye out for it.

It really does lock on color for a full 24 hours.

First, apply a light shimmer shade to the lid and inner corner.

Really you can use any light shade put for this particular look I'm using S3.

This really balances the lift in the outer corner.

And create symmetry by also highlighting the inner corner where the shimmer shade catchesthe light.

Line upper and lower lashline with the mediumshade and defuse.

I'm using M2.

Lining your lower lashline is really importantfor you upturned girls.

It maximizes the lift by making your eyes look more balanced.

Even out the proportions of the eye by lining the outer corner of the eye and diffusingoutward with a dark shimmer shade like S1.

A darker shade on your outer corner will actuallyhelp create a balanced effect and give you that perfect wide eyed look.

Finish the eyes with two coats of full exposure mascara.

Don't forget to give a little loveto those outer lashes This will really open up your shape for aperfect wide eyed look.

Finish the look with a bit of Halo long wear blush in warm glowand a swipe of be legendary lipstick in primrose.

This look is all about enhancing the eye shapeso you really wanna keep your lips and your cheeks more neutral.

SO you’ve got thislook that you can really wear anywhere but maybe sometimes you want to mix things upa bit.

Enter always sharp liners.

It's so easy tochange up a look with just a little liner.

Now were gonna really push the envelope I'mgonna show you a look that really kind of takes it from basics to like the next level.

Were gonna use a color block at the top using cabana at the outer upper corner.

It's totally perfect for my upturned girls because talk about maximizing that beautifulupward lift.

Applying color to those outer corners really balances out the proportionsof her eyes and makes them stand out.

Are you ready to see it? Yes.

Alright, here we go! How cool right? Oh yeah it's amazing it's like a color wing.

You lookamazing so, thank you! You're so welcome.

If you found this video, hopefully you knowwhat your eye shape is and why it's so important to apply makeup based on your shape.

But ifyou haven't be sure to check out our super informative eye shapes video.

Just check out our youtube video and smashbox.

Com to find it and ID your shape.

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