Now it's time to break it down for downturnedeyes.

We've created these custom looks for each shape to show you how to get the mostout of your gorgeous eyes with our new amazing Full Exposure Palette.

There's a look forday, one for night, and a defined look for each shape.

So tonight I'm going to show you how to create a nightlook which is really the most dramaticof all three looks.

So for you girls with downturned eyes the trick is to excentuateyour super soulful shape by enhancing the outer corners.

This makes your eyes totally perfect for those gorgeous winged looks that everyone wants.

More on that later, but for right now we're going to walk you through a gorgeous nightlook.

I've already prepped my model with 24 hour photo finish shadow primer.

This is the latest new lid primer and it's amazing.

Be sure to keep an eye out for it,it really does lock on color for a full 24 hours.

First sweep a light shimmer shade acrossyour lid.

You can really use any of the light shimmer shades but for you I decided to startwith S4.

This serves as a great base to really intensifythose dark shades we'll be using.

Next to excentuate your shape apply a medium shadeto the crease blending upward.

I'm going to use M5.

It's going to be a littlebit more subtle.

For downturned eyes, blending upward is key because it helps to create balanceand brings out your eyes that much more.

To enhance the outer corners line the entireupper lash line with a dark shade like M6.

Enhancing those outer corners on downturnedeyes creates a great symmetrical effect and really makes your shape pop.

Finish the eyeswith 2 coats of full exposure mascara.

Don't forget to give a little love to thoseouter lashes.

This will really open up your shape for a perfect wide eyed look.

Finishthe look with a bit of Halo Longwear blush in warm glow and a swipe of Be Legendary Lipstickin Primrose.

So, Sarah, this look is all about enhancingyour eye shape so we wanted to keep the lips and the cheeks neutral.

I think you look amazing.

So we have this gorgeous look that you can wear anywhere, anytime.

Let's have some funwith it.

Enter always sharp liners.

To really makethe most out of a downturned eye and really add a little bit of drama I'm going to useFrench Navy and do a double wing.

Everyone is always asking me to do these winged looksand you downturned girls are so lucky because this look is perfect for your shape.

This double lined on top has just a little upswing on the outer corner to really enhanceyour shape and of course some high glamour.

It's so pretty! Isn't it? And it's so subtlebut it's just perfect.

It really helps to make your eyes look bigger and bolder.

That's what we really want when we're really applying eye shadow.

If you found this video,hopefully by now you should know what your eye shape is and why it's so important toapply makeup based on your shape.

But if you haven't be sure to check out our super informativeeye shapes video.

Just check out our YouTube channel and Smashbox.

Comto find it and ID your shape.

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