Seventeen Wonwoo makeup tutorial 세븐틴 원우 서가대 환청남 메이크업 | SSIN

Seventeen Wonwoo makeup tutorial 세븐틴 원우 서가대 환청남 메이크업 | SSIN

Hello everyone! Is Shin'nimu! Men idle makeup came back after a long time! Really had the name is raised really a lot in the comments today Wonu of idle <Seventeen>! I would like to the Burgundy makeup of the famous Wonu that sang <auditory hallucinations> in Seoul song tome (Sogade) In fact.

but it took three years to match the faces and names of the members of EXO Seventeen'm very difficult to Aunt like me.

Wonu was surely remember today! Let's go immediately started ~ First of all, it established a skin with skin lotion We will paint the Seta peel cream Although I was bought to take a <Best of the Best> of body lotion Gentle to the skin, you can paint the body in because we will also be excellent moisturizing power Especially dad are not interested in cosmetics, older brother, younger brother, the boyfriend I think it is okay to gift as a facial cream! Put on some skin concealer today Color that matches the person will tell me what colors of! In, concealer that matches the Shin'nimu in this five concealer What number? The correct answer is number 4! But it is the same color as the color of the overall skin of most Shin'nimu Put it to the bear and nose around It is appointed to clean skin tone Rather than white, Dekobokosezu To make a well-equipped skin, please do not forget that it's the most important! We will put the SMBC retardation in a puff of Lancome today Sponge is a bit hard Also you do not go and do not throw away.

So was the perfect cover with concealer Van can cover pretty even with the bright color about one tone This is not moist, there is also a cover force We will continue to shading everyone! Shin Nim or Bucks got? I also have eight! Content is also good, but I liked most the box We put the pants! As to cut the part of the jaw as doing always, show thin We will add a three-dimensional effect is also placed on the bridge of the nose and eyes In this way put the shading under the lip Has the effect of jaw also looks shorter visible thick also lips Today's Eyebrow will continue using the powder type While this seems adapted to draw simple to beginners For me, this is the most difficult in the world Or you should use Anasutasha from the beginning Do not.

Soon we will make-up of the full-fledged auditory hallucinations Nam (man)! We will put the faint Marsala color to the base We will put on the entire eyelid at about the size of the brush nail Package is a shadow that I like the color but not a favorite In then gray is applied color We are adding a shadow to the edge Since the overall thin burgundy color We will use the shadow greyish from the base The next Let's put a full-fledged burgundy color! But it seemed to vermilion Now exquisite brick colors together with the greyish brown Autumn is today, but went too is going to be a Marsala Special! We will put a shadow with a brush of this before VDL bought Inner and outer corner of the eye, we will put faintly around the under Next, the color is dark brown color shadow Put so as to draw a line in the part close to the eyelashes As will the outer corner of the eye of the part can shadow the eye hole, blurred naturally When you've made uneven by using a small brush Please blur with a soft brush large The next will continue to draw the eye line It is drawn tightly over a little effort First of all, we will fill in between the lashes and the mucous membrane up and down both in the gel liner And.


I do I Nantes explain this Although I do not find the usual nice words Thick, but I think that.


guy Anyway blurred in this Use the blending brush will continue to gradation And have a make-up, it is difficult to express I always struggled Specially this time, we will paint the rush fixer without putting a curl This is because the auditory hallucinations Nam is sing turned a blind eye With so many lashes it was like Prince So, I tried to down under in a straight line We will paint the mascara base that will then put out a length Because, because it's Prince! We will continue to long! ! ! And firmly painted from top to bottom the mascara So you can see more long Or you can not see well before I opened my eyes Do not.

Auditory hallucinations Nam is high have pointed the nose So, so as to sharpen the tip of the nose We will put the shading to the top of the nostril The next will continue to put a highlight in a large brush Overall, we will make sparkling was the <Prince Charming> It established a lip line with lip concealer By the way, my lip line is not very like to have bumpy It also does some after taking a mole on the lips And we will continue to cover around the mouth with concealer Then, after it painted moist nude color at the base It finishes painted a refreshing strawberry color in the center of the lips only! In this way, the make-up of Sogade auditory hallucinations Namuwonu is now complete! Since SMBC retardation was Ppoka' microphone I tried to have instead of the microphone Somehow laugh you ne.

From now on, please refer to the embarrassing my acting www Shin'nimukafe of idle make-up of the requests you want to look at neighbor Or thank you in the comments! In, we'll see you next week!.

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