SANDY | Grease Makeup Tutorial (Subtítulos)

SANDY | Grease Makeup Tutorial (Subtítulos)

Hello prying eyes! In this tutorial we will teach you how to get the look of Sandy We prepare the scenery Curls with a curling iron mark top back and the rest down extend the foundation all over the face We prepared the eyelid with a first We apply a dark gray shadow across the eyelid.

Making a smoky We illuminate the arch of the eyebrow we outlined in black.

There has to be a little thick, pointed end with a beige pencil mark the water line With the help of a brush cut and beveled black shadow we outline the lower lash line reinforced with a pencil mascara Correct dark circles and small imperfections Perfilamos eyebrows.

The form must be slightly angulated Perfilamos lips with a red pencil Fill it with a lipstick in the same shade With a golden pigment we illuminate the center of the lower lip We apply a tone blush wine upward from the center of the cheekbone We loose curls The rid fingers and apply lacquer To create volume at the top cardaremos the root tufts We combed the left side up and look with forks Let the remaining hair picking inward.

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