Ryuko Matoi Makeup Tutorial – KILL la KILL Cosplay Transformation

Ryuko Matoi Makeup Tutorial – KILL la KILL Cosplay Transformation

Hi guys! Today's cosplay transformation isall about one of the coolest tough girls out there: Kill la Kill's Ryuko Matoi.

As usual, we will start with a clean faceand move into blue circle lenses.

Ryuko has blue eyes so I am wearing Geo Super Size Nudy in blue.

Next up: Concealing brows.

I like to use the glue stick method for concealingmy eyebrows, so start with completely covering your eyebrow with a washable glue stick.

Thenuse a spoolie brush to brush your brow hairs out in the direction that they grow.

Afterthat dries, put another coat of glue across the brow, and then using a metal spoon, smoothout the brow as much as possible.

Then cover the brow with a generous coat oftranslucent powder.

Next, using the back end of the spoon, scrapeoff the top of the glue stick and spread it all over your brow.

You want this layer tobe really thick, so that when it dries, it disguises the texture of the hair.

I like to do one eyebrow at a time, and thenwhen the first eyebrow is drying, repeat all of the steps on the second brow, but you cando them at the same time if you want.

Once they are mostly dry, cover them withpowder.

Then I like to dot concealer along the brow,and then carefully blend it by tapping it out.

Then I will apply concealer to the rest ofmy face like I would with my regular makeup.

I like to put it under my eyes and aroundmy nose or anywhere to reduce dark circles or redness.

I am also going to put concealer and foundationon my eyelids because Ryuko doesn't really wear makeup, so I am going to use concealerand foundation in place of eyeshadow.

Now it's time for foundation.

I like to dot my foundation on with my fingersand then blend it out with a beauty blender.

To use the beauty blender, wet it with waterfirst to help the blending process.

Then, carefully dot foundation along yourconcealed eyebrows, and blend it in with your fingers.

Time for powder! Set your foundation with a coat of mattifyingpowder.

Now to draw my eyebrows back on, I am goingto use some black creme makeup on a small brush.

Ryuko's eyebrows are very determinedlooking.

She wants revenge.

So make some angry looking eyebrows by starting low and drawingupwards.

Remember that these do not have to be perfect.

A lot of Ryuko's eyebrows arecovered up by her hair.

Now I want to pop just a little bit of colorin to the eyebrow for a highlight, and I am going to do that by using a shimmery darkblue shadow on top of the black creme makeup.

On to eyeliner! To create Ryuko's eyes, I like to do justa black line across my eye with liquid liner, and then wing it out a little bit, and thendraw a little hook at the end of the wing.

Now I am going to just fill in my water linewith a white eyeliner.

After a few coats of black mascara, our eyesare done.

As I mentioned before, Ryuko's look is verynatural, so she doesn't wear any crazy lip colors or anything like that.

In fact, shebarely has lips at all.

So I am just going to wear a nude colored lipstick and glossto top off this look.

Now it's time for Ryuko's wig.

I've alreadycut and styled this wig ahead of time but you can see here that I keep the side piecespinned up when I'm not wearing it, to help them keep that style.

So all I have to dois put it on and remove the bobby pins.

All that's left is my red glove so that Ican feed Senketsu whenever I want.

Here is my final Ryuko transformation! Thank you guys so much for watching my Killla Kill transformation video.

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Thank you again so much for watching! Bye!.

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