Rockettes Beauty: Pink Part 3 – Eye Shadow

Rockettes Beauty: Pink Part 3 – Eye Shadow

Melissa Silver: Hi, I'm Melissa Silver, theofficial Rockette makeup artist.

Welcome to the third part of our Pink series.

We've donepink cheeks, we've done pink lips, and now we'll try pink shadow.

Beth: So what's the difference between pink eye shadow and just using blush on your eyes?Melissa Silver: That's a great question because sometimes we do have blush, we don't wantto just do it quickly and swipe it on our cheeks and swipe it on our eyes, but the bigdifference is the pigment and safety issues.

As you know as a Rockette, safety first.

Beth: Yes.

Melissa Silver: Pigments in blush becausethe sensitivities of the skin on your eye aren't always safe to use on your eye area.

Beth: Oh.

Melissa Silver: It can be irritating.

If youknow that you're sensitive, and those are sensitive pretty much now -Beth: Yeah.

Melissa Silver: Stick with an eye shadow.

But if you've tried blush and you're fine, it's probably a safe thing to do.

Have youever tried pink shadow, Beth? Beth: You know, I haven't.

I've always wantedto but I'm afraid it's going to make my eyes look too tired and I don't know how to actuallydo it to make it not.

Melissa Silver: Mm-hm (affirmative).

Beth: So, please show me.

Melissa Silver: I'll let you know.

I'll showyou the secret which you already have on now.

I put on Beth already some charcoal liner.

Just subtly smudged out, and lots of mascara, because when you wear pink shadow, if thepink is right up against the whites of your eyelids, it can make you look tired.

You wantit to look pretty and feminine and fun for summer, so a little charcoal liner with somemascara and now we'll try the pink shadow.

Beth: Alright.

Melissa Silver: Okay Beth.

Your eyes look so pretty.

Take a look and I think you'llbe surprised.

Beth: Oh, wow! Yeah.

Melissa Silver: Don't you look great? Beth: Yeah.

Melissa Silver: You can tell it's pink because it's not as plain or as subtleas brown, and it's got a little more life than a typical shadow and I think it's reallyfun day or night and it's so much fun in summertime.

Beth: Yeah.

It's not too much.

Melissa Silver: Not at all.

Beth: Like you said, like bringing it fromthe runway into real life.

Melissa Silver: Yeah.

Beth: Yeah.

Melissa Silver: It's a really easy transition.

Just go from a pretty neutral pink.

This one has a touch of a gold in it, and with thecharcoal liner, subtly smudged, and black mascara, it creates that balance so your eyesdon't look like they're a little bit red.

Beth: Right.

Melissa Silver: It keeps all the rosiness on your lids and it just brightens your wholelook.

Beth: Yeah.

I love it.

Melissa Silver: You're going out tonight I think.

I hope you wear it out.

Beth: I'm all ready to go.

Melissa Silver: We hope that you enjoyed ourPink series.

We showed you rosy pink cheeks, fuschia lips, and gorgeous pink shadow thatyou can truly take from the runway to the street.

Thanks so much for joining us andwe'll see you soon.

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