Red Lips – Para Mi Makeup Pro Tutorials

Red Lips – Para Mi Makeup Pro Tutorials

Red lips are the ultimate way to get a bold stunning look.

Every woman is beautiful and this classic look adds a pop of gorgeous color.

You might not be sure you can pull it off, but I guarantee you can.

And you'll be the center of attention, full of confidence.

To find the perfect shade you'll need to find a shade with the right balance of orange and blue undertones depending on your skin tone.

I love our Para Mi Ruby Red Lipstick.

It's a great shade for all skin tones and it can be worn day and night.

The most important step is to prep your lips with a great primer.

Primer makes your lips soft, allows for more even color application and keeps your product on longer.

I always prep with Para Mi Zero Gravity Lip Primer.

It has anti-aging vitamin E which improves your lips over time.

And it's extremely nourishing because no woman wants dry, flaky lips.

Apply the color directly from the tube or with a lip brush.

Our artist is using the Para Mi Lip 707 Brush for added control.

Start at the center of the bottom lip and work the color outward.

The center of the lower lip has more volume so you want to use that as a starting point when working with any bold color.

Do the same for the upper lip starting with the cupid's bow and working outward.

Lip liner is especially important for a gorgeous red lip.

It allows you to define your lips and touch up any areas thatneed more color.

This is Para Mi's Infinity Lip Liner in Bitten.

This formula glides on easily with beautifully vibrant color.

Coupled with a gorgeous winged eyeliner, you'll be the definition of iconic – confident, classic and utterly beautiful.

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