Real Deal Lip Balm in 30 minutes or Less!

Real Deal Lip Balm in 30 minutes or Less!

Hiya! it's Hillary – Lazy Lima Life todaywe're going to get crafty with lip balm.

making it, that is.


Fun fact: I am a lip balm/lipgloss addict! I have so much.

not as much assome people have seen on YouTube, but I have a lot for just one person so why not make it and have more! Yay! I'm working by weight to fill 12 potsbut the formula will still work if you scale down or if you use customarymeasurements like teaspoons you just might have to do more tweaking at thetesting stage to get it to where you want and I'll talk about that later so, whew! That was a lot of information! Let's go get balmed! I based my recipe on a balm listed inJan Berry book: 101 Easy Homemade Products for Your SkinHealth & Home.

I am measuring out a half ounce of beeswax pellets.

Beeswax isthe ingredient that hardens your balm and it helps it to not melt when it's inyour pocket.

Harder balms have a higher beeswax to oil ratio.

Pour your beeswax into a heatproof glassdish (like Pyrex) in a shallow pot of water that's on low heat.

Now it's time to add the butters.

We'reusing both shea and cocoa.

Shea is great for dry and damaged skin it's veryemollient.

Cocoa butter is very restorative, it has vitamin e and it'svery good for your skin your lips.

Both butters are solid at room temperatureand they'll help your balm stay solid.

both butters are also very stronglyscented – cocoa butter in the good way, it smells like chocolate.

Shea butter in the not-so-good way.

Youcan get refined shea butter that doesn't really have a scent but mine is theunrefined and the scent went away.

My measurements aren't really as importantas the ratio but I have about.

2 ounces of shea and.

3 ounces of cocoa.

Add the butters to your melting beeswax.

Tare up your scale again it's time to add the oils.

I'm using a lot of different ones sodon't be intimidated! Like I said, the important thing is theratio so first is apricot kernel oil I'm using this because it's moisturizing andit just has a nice feel to it that i wanted to add those properties of moisturizing into my balm.

Next is my favorite oil its rosehipseed oil.

Its anti-aging, it helps to smooth out wrinkles and clear up skin.

I use this every day on my face and Idefinitely have noticed results enough to want it in my lip balm.

Next is vitamin e oil.

I'm adding this because it'smoisturizing and it's smoothing.

It's also a little thick so I like that.

The predominant oil in my bond is castor.

Of my one and a half ounces of oil I'musing about.

6 ounces of castor it's an antifungal so I think that helpsyour balm last longer.

It also adds shine I like the thickeroils to kind of make a good balm so the castor and the vitamin E are my go tos.

Next I'm adding.

what is this? oh, sweet almond oil.

The sweet almondoil is moisturizing and I just like the way it feels on my skin so I'm adding that.

Finally wehave coconut oil which I add because it has a 76 degree melting point and Ithink that this helps to assure that the balm will melt from solid to liquid atthe touch.

So let's add a little bit of that.

I'madding a few drops of vanilla essential oil just because it's my favoritefavorite scent.

Add your oils to the beeswax and buttermix that's melting on the stove and give it a brief, brief stir.

It should bemelting nicely.

while your butter and beeswax and everything ismelting together it's time to sterilize our lip balm tinsand lids.

We're going to soak up paper towel withsome rubbing alcohol and clean them thoroughly and let them completely dry.

Let's check on our oil, beeswax andbutter mixture.

We want to make sure it's melting but we don't want to have theheat up too high because shea butter can get gritty if it's overheatedso keep an eye out for it.

Take a teaspoon and put it in thefreezer we'll use it later to test out our balm.

Since these are gifts I didn't want touse used lipstick – ick! I used one that I haven't used thisis very tiny Burt's Bees sampler and I hacked off the used top of a MAClipstick and just use the unused part.

At this point everything should beliquid but give it a stir if you still have some pellets of beeswax thathaven't melted.

Add your lipstick color to your melted balm and stir well.

Thelipstick will remain solid for a while so if you think it's going too slowjust add it back to the double boiler and give it a little heat.

tip the cold spoon into your lip balm and itinstantly hardens and you can test it out try it on your lips, try it on your handand see if it's the consistency that you like.

I love this tip! I learned it from theSoap Queen videos for Brambleberry.

Com and I've link to it below in thedescription box.

ok everything's mixed nicely and is wellincorporated so it's time to fill our tins.

I have about two ounces by weight ofmelted lip balm it's going to fill about 12 tins, maybe 12and a half.

I'm going to let it harden overnight.

Ifyou don't have overnight try to give it at least four hours and then it's ready forgiving.

So, here's our finished lip balm.

It's a nice red, rosy tint and it feelsnice on when i try on.

t has a good melt and.

uh huh.

that feels really are oh it feels nice I love the vanilla scent and it doesn'ttaste like vanilla but it is strongly scented of vanilla.

I really like that and it's got somestaying power which is what I was looking for so.

WIN! That's a wrap on lipbalm! I hope you'll try making your own! Thewhole thing took me about 20 minutes.

If you try it let me know: commentbelow or hashtag LAZYLIMALIFE.

I'd love to see results and tell me ifyou have a favorite lip balm recipe that you use! Go ahead and comment and I'd like to seethem.

Thanks for watching and I invite you to subscribe to mychannel for more crafty goodness! Thanks! Bye! It's all about the balm.


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