Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone.

Baltimore Ravens player Ray Ricehad his contract terminated this week after TMZ released footage of Rice knocking hiswife out cold in an elevator.

In honor of this vicious and horrific actof violence, I thought I would do a Ray Rice-inspired makeup tutorial.

So the first step, as always, is foundation.

And I'm using a new shade I just bought calledThe NFL.

I really like this color, because it'll coverup anything just to save face.

And really make sure you get in to every nookand cranny, because you want to make sure nothing unsavory leaks out.

This sport is all about getting drunk and watching people push other people over.

It'sabout integrity.

So the next step, you're gonna wanna put onan eye primer.

I'm using one other color called, um, IntersectionalFeminism.

And a lot of people complain, like, "why doI have to use Intersectional Feminism, you know, like, why does my feminism have to includepeople of all genders and races and orientations? Like, why, you know?" And to those people,generally the best thing to do is, um, read a f***ing history book.

Next step is eye shadow, and you guys know I love my eye shadow.

So your crease color is #27, which is Ray Rice's jersey number for the Baltimore Ravens– or, former jersey number, I guess.

It's so hard to get used to people getting firedfor doing bad things.

(LAUGHS) You know? And the other color you're going to be usingis #25, which in the state of Maryland is the number of years you serve in prison forfelony assault.

"You should be serving this.

ah, but we'renot gonna make you do it! We're not gonna make you do it, 'cause you play football!"Eyeliner's next.

I'm using a color called Women Are Objects.

And you're just gonna want to ring your eyes like all the way around, um, like a weddingring.

And think about, like, when you put on a weddingring it means that the guy that gave you the ring can do whatever he wants to you, andit's automatically you're fault.

Like, say he knocked you out cold in an elevator, andthen everyone found out about it, and people started blaming you because you put on thewedding ring, so like, you're kinda asking for it.

You know, like, did you read Corinthians?You know, like "Love is patient, love is kind, love will punch you in an elevator occasionally,and suppress it so that they can continue to play football"? That's really what you'regetting at with the whole, you know, puttin' a ring on it thing.

And don't forget to throw on some mascara.

I'm using, um, Mismanaged Rage.

Bronzer time! I love this name, it's so punny, it's Orange You Sad That the American News SourceMost Dedicated to Truthful Journalism Turned Out to Be TMZ.

Like, just a laugh riot, youknow? Rub it in the NFL's face, you know what Imean? Like, just rub it in.

And the final step, as always, is lips.

Andthis is one of my favorite colors, it's called We Can Do Better.

Millions of North American women are violently or verbally assaulted by their domestic partner,and we find reasons not to help them.

And that's why I choose to put on We Can Do Bettertoday.

Remember, there's always an alternative tocovering up violence.

You don't have to be like the NFL.

If you're interested, I've included some links to resources dedicated to helping women indistress in the link box below, so you can check those out.

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That's it for now guys.


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