Rag Doll Look (a tutorial by Monique)

Rag Doll Look (a tutorial by Monique)

Hello beautiful people! Today I'll be doing a rag doll look, obviously! In this Halloween series I'll be doing a numberof different costumes that are good ideas for anybody that's not a professional makeupartist.

So you can throw something together.

That's not too difficult.

If you're wondering about the wig, I was arag doll several years ago.

And this was the only rag doll wig that theyhad at the store.

I think it's kind of silly, because it makesme think of like a Pippy Long Stalkings if she was a doll.

And if you wanna see how I achieved this lookthen keep watching! And this is the final look! Sadly I do not have a dress to go with this.

This is more just a costume ideas video.

So I just threw on this wig cause I happenedto have it.

Just to kinda give you an idea of what a ragdoll costume could look like.

You don't necessarily have to have this ridiculouslooking wig! Haha! Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up.

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And I will see you in my next video! Bye!.

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