Purple Pink Ombré Lips + Dramatic Eyeliner Makeup | Marvyn Macnificent

Purple Pink Ombré Lips + Dramatic Eyeliner Makeup | Marvyn Macnificent

hey you guys & welcome back to a new makeup tutorial I have no idea how I'll name this video but just look at my face & you know what it's about if you're interested in this look then just keep on watching first I'm applying the 'Too Faced – Shadow Insurance' eyeshadow base next I'm using the E55 brush by Sigma to apply 'Girlie' by MAC this one – on my whole moveable lid then I'm applying 'Soft & Gentle' under my eyebrow using the #12 by Kryolan using the #217 by MAC to blend it with the eyeshadow applying 'Carbon' with the #212 by MAC on the bttm lash line using the 'Engraved' eye pencil for the waterline next I'm applying 'Sigma Pink Aura Powder' to my bttm lash line as well today's just not my day.

my eyeshadow just fell down & broke I'm about to gag bc today's horrible I'll apply my eyeliner off camera – safety first using my 'Essence – Liquid Ink' eyeliner using the Sigma E06 brush so I'm back from Egypt with an extreme eyeliner, guys super dramatic, but it was on purpose if you wanna see how I apply liner just go & check out my 'Glitter Galaxy Lips + Cat Eyes' makeup tutorial applied an eyeliner with just one hand in this video – was horrible, but I did it – go check it out so next is mascara – there for I'm using the 'extended play gigablack lash' mascara & this eye lash curler applying my #34 by MAC with the DUO with vitamins adhesive already used 'Sculpt' & 'Emphasize' for contour & highlight before I started recording so now it's time for blush I'm applying 'Peachykeen' by MAC with the #187 brush next I'm using 'Soft & Gentle' again with the #184 & normally with the #221 but I can't find it, so I'm about to go crazy – today's nothing working! but guys, I guess you know that feeling & within the next day everything's back to normal so that's why I'm using the Sigma E40 brush for my highlight as well highlighter on point – I feel better now! so next I'm using the 'Bespoken for' lip pencil to contour my lips fill everything in with the 'Stamina Powertick' by Sigma going back in with the liner to connect the colors & for the highlight I'm using 'Sigma Pink Lip Eclipse' applying the 'Pro Longwear Concealer' in NC15 with the #12 by Kryolan to correct the lip contour & that's it – I hope you enjoyed this make up tutorial, feel free to leave this video a thumbs up & comment! & also comment what you think about this background bc I used to record tutorials in front of a white wall because I thought the focus would be more on the face then but I also thought: god damn, this wall is so ugly & it's not a good look I like this set up more, I just feel better sitting in front of this, than the blank wall gonna organize a nice background soon tho but let me know what you think about it, down below in the comments! & don't forget to check out my Snapchat, Instagram, Musical.

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won't bother you anymore take care!.

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