Purple Eye Shadow Tips : Skincare Routines for Makeup Application

Purple Eye Shadow Tips : Skincare Routines for Makeup Application

Before we begin the make-up application, youdefinitely want to prep your skin by using moisturizer, eye cream, and lip conditioner.

You want to take care of your skin; because your make-up is only going to look as goodas your skin underneath.

So, you really want to take care of your skin.

So, before youstart with color, you want to prep your skin with moisturizer.

Now, she just cleansed herface, so I'm just going to add a moisturizer.

Now, she, has normal skin, so I'm just usinga light moisturizer for everyday, with a bit of an SPF in it.

Now, when you're at home,you can apply this with your fingers, just make sure that they are clean a sponge, ora brush.

Sponges tend to soak up product, so I recommend either a brush or your fingertips.

It's completely up to you, what you want to use.

But, make sure you blend themoisturizer completely into the face.

You really want to make sure that your skin isnot dry and flaky.

The make-up won't look good on top of dry, flaky skin.

It will lookmuch better if your skin is nice and moisturized and plump.

You want to concentrate on anydry spots on the face, around the eye area as well.

I'm going to use a separate eye creamalso.

But, just make sure that your moisturizer is really blended into your face.

I'm goingto go right into using an eye cream.

I really like this mac eye cream, called Fast Response.

It really plumps up the eye area.

It?s great to use when you're using a lot of make-uparound the eye area, especially powder.

It really helps the make-up go on so much smoother.

Powder tends to seep into the creases of the eye and this helps to prevent it.

So, youreally gently want to put an eye cream all around your eye area.

And lastly, you justwant to use a little lip conditioner.

Especially in the winter months when your lips get dry.

You want to make sure you use a little lip conditioner.

Just plump up your lips and makethem look nice and moisturized.

Put your lip conditioner on right away, so that, when youget to the lip gloss your lips will be nice and moisturized by that point.

That is yourbasic skin care.

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