Purple Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Powder Makeup to Eyebrows

Purple Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Powder Makeup to Eyebrows

Now I'm going to do her eyebrows just to finishoff the look.

To make it look polished, to give a nice arch to the eye.

So I'm goingto use a powder.

Powders tend to be a little more natural.

You have a lot of control becauseyou can use just a little bit on the brush at a time.

You can use a pencil.

It's allpersonal preference.

I like to use a powder.

I just think it goes on a lot more natural.

I don't want her to have that big, bushy eyebrow look.

I just want to fill in a little bit,her eyebrows, just to polish off the look and accentuate the eyes.

So basically I'mfilling in her natural brow or hairline in a little bit with the powder and after youkind of fill it in a little bit you get your desired color all you have to do is just combit through with a little brow comb.

It kind of gets rid of the excess powder and justshape them.

And it makes a tremendous difference.

It just gives shape to the eye.

I mean, lookright now at the difference between the unfinished brow and the finished brow.

Just that littletiny bit makes a huge difference in the shape of the eye.

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