Purple Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Concealer as Makeup Foundation

Purple Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Concealer as Makeup Foundation

So I'm going to skip foundation on her andjust use a concealer.

She has great skin, and all she needs are spots of concealer.

So that?s what I'm going to do.

I'm just basically going to dab a little concealer on my handor you can use it right out of the tube if it's yours.

I'm just going to go where sheneeds it.

You know add some concealer under the eyes just to give rid of the redness andeven on top of the lid just to make a nice, clean palette.

Get rid of those blood vessels.

Around the nose area where it can tend to be a little red too and than maybe if there'sa little blemish here.

Just a tiny bit on top just to kind of blend everything out.

Maybe a little on the chin, where it's, the color, the skin pigments a little different.

Cause on her cheeks she really, she has great skin.

She doesn't really need a tremendousamount of foundation at all.

Now if your skin is not as good than you might want to do alight converge foundation on your face.

But if you have nice skin there's no reason tocover it up by using a ton of foundation.

Just use a little, tiny, bit of concealerand it really does the trick, it works well and than after you have your concealer onjust where you need it.

Take a nice pressed powder and just go over the top of it.

I liketo use a big, fluffy brush it just blends everything out.

It makes it look smooth.

Stayaway from too much powder around the eye area cause powder tends to seep into lines andjust dust all around the face.

Just to smooth it out and blend it, set your foundation andyour skin will look perfect.

You don't want people to know you have a ton of foundationon.

You just want to look like you have gorgeous, beautiful, perfect skin.

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