Purple Eye Shadow Tips : Applying a Base Pink Eye Shadow

Purple Eye Shadow Tips : Applying a Base Pink Eye Shadow

Now for the eye shadow base, I'm going touse kind of a pinky, silvery, iridescent color.

Now this is a really cool color.

You can usethis with so many things.

It kind of pulls a pinky, lavender with a silver fleck.

Sosince we're doing purples, this is what I'm going to use and I'm going to put it all overthe eye.

I'm going to use it as a base and a highlight.

Now you want to use a nice, bigbrush and you really kind of want to pile it on.

This is a very sheer, light color soyou can kind of really put it on heavy.

And it's going to go all over the eyelid, underthe brow, all over the eyelid.

If you have a nice big brush, it's going to go on reallysmooth and it will be very easy.

You just want to blend, blend, blend.

You also wantto take it underneath the eye.

Look up for me.

Anything you do on top, you kind of wantto do on the bottom a little bit so everything looks blended and even.

And plus this is anice highlight under the eye too since it's a light color.

You want to concentrate itlike under the brow, look up for me, in the inside corner of the eye, just gives a nicehighlight.

And we already notice such a huge difference by putting a base color on.

Nowthis is a really pretty color she can just throw on and go out for the day, but we'reobviously going to add more to it.

But it's just a great tool to use a base and everythingwill go on so much smoother.

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