Pumpkin/Halloween Queen Makeup Tutorial (CC)

Pumpkin/Halloween Queen Makeup Tutorial (CC)

Good evening.

and welcome to Madeyewlook Halloween In this tutorial i'm going to be going over this years Halloween Queen.

AIRING BEFORE THE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES ARE OUT So i'm showing you guys a Pumpkin Spice Lextte and pumpkin seeds Maybe not when they're covered in latex All of the products I used today will be listed somewhere around the video! Also don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to contact me.

I'm starting off by outlining my pumpkin mouth using an eyebrow marker I'm then filling in the rest of my face using an orange body paint, avoiding the mouth area.

Using orange eyeshadow i'm filling in the general texture that will separate the upper and lower jaw (music) As well as sketching in where the eyes are going to go, and the ridges of the pumpkin.

(music) I'm then using the same orange eyeshadow to shade the top of the ridges of the pumpkin.

This will be the top of your head, above your mouth, and underneath your mouth.

(music) At this point I also decided that I wanted the top of my head to be cracked open so I also added that crack.

To define that crack, I used brown eyeshadow and outlined it darker.

(music) I also outlined the darkness around the eyes It's a lot easier to use lighter colors and build up, than to start with dark colors and take away.

(music) You can also use this brown shadow to deepen up the contouring on the cheeks.

(music) Using black body paint, I outlined that crack, as well as made little cracks going up.

I then used brown eyeshadows to shade the top of the "top" of the pumpkin.

Its easiest to work on one section at a time than try to do your whole face at once, because it can easily look muddy.

(music) Once again, I'm using black body paint to define the cracks on the top.

Using the same technique that I did on the top, I am then going in with brown eyeshadow to further define each ridge and each crease in the pumpkin face as well as giving some shading around the mouth (music) I also just bought the "Star Dust" palette, so I went ahead and used some colors from that in there as well.

In fact, "Double Tap," out of there was my favorite thing to shade with It's like a red-brown, it was perfect.

I am literally just putting it all over my face.

(music) and using this color to deepen up my eyes, as well as my temples.

To create the pumpkin.

guts? Intestines? Organs?.

of the pumpkin.

? I am using a yellow-orange body paint to create those "strings" within the mouth.

Fill in the rest of your mouth black, as well as add some holes between the "strings" to actually make them look stringy.

While filling in the mouth, you can also give it shape by giving it the "cracks" going up on the sides.

(music) To create the nose I just used black body paint and created the cracks on my nose.

I also once again deepened up some lines.

(music) To give that pumpkin head that rotted looking, older type, dimple-looking texture, that was a lot of adjectives.

I am using an eyebrow marker and pretty much giving the pumpkin freckles.

I am concentrating this around the darkest parts of the pumpkin.

Just to highlight certain areas, I also used a yellow eyeshadow.

Go ahead and line your eyes.

For the body, we're pretty much repeating the same process that we did on our face.

Apply a base of orange body paint.

Using orange eyeshadow to create the ridges of the pumpkin, as well as shading around each ridge.

(music) Taking brown eyeshadow and defining those ridges, as well as blending that out.

(music) Going in with some yellow highlight, and applying that red-brown shadow literally everywhere (music) Define your pumpkin's cracks with black, as well as give yourself some dimples.

(music) To create a super awesome gooey effect I used skin safe silicone as well as mixed in a little yellow and orange pigment to give it the right coloring.

I then dripped that on to my face.

I also have a video that is going to be going over silicone and other FX makeup, and you can find that in the description below.

Once the silicone is almost set, I am sticking pumpkin seeds on my face.

Of course, since you don't want them to look stuck on, apply a little more silicone on top of that.

To get the flap that goes over your mouth so you are still ABLE to talk, I applied silicone on a table, let it dry, then peeled it off and applied it to my upper lip (using silicone as an adhesive as well) Make sure you powder underneath that so it isn't sticking to your lips but that way it looks like your mouth is still gooey and disgusting, but you're still able to speak.

because I never shut up.

(music that makes me feel cool).

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