Post Shift –

Post Shift –

[Theme music] What the fuck? (Mike) Ahh! Jesus, Kaitlin, what? Whose Hot Topic bag is that? Oh, I don't know, I didn't even see that.

Throw it out! Throw it out, someone important might see that! (Sully) You don't think that– (Mike) Oh my god, did Brett get that girl's number? (Sully) I don't know, I hope not, she will eat him alive! Plus, I'd be out five bucks if he did.

(Mike) I'd be out 50! Ha! That was stupid.

But, we wouldn't have to pay him if she sacrifices him to the Lords of Darkness.

(Mike) So, fingers crossed.

What's going on? (Sully) Oh, it was table 28 last night.

Real strange one.

Eyes like lumps of coal.

Cold as fuck.

(Matt) Hey! Let's not be so quick to judge, okay? (Sully) Oh, no, no, no.

I shit you not, it was five degrees colder in that room than the rest of the restaurant.

(Mike) Yeah! They couldn't seat my table 27 the entire time she was there! I made 20 bucks! We thought she was Satan.

(Sully) So we bet Brett that he couldn't get her number.

Well, naturally.

(Mike) I mean, we never thought that he'd bring her– What the actual fuck? Next 30, 45 minutes, I have always been this, uh.


Uhh, I think we might have a problem.

(Sully) I think he's wearing my makeup.

(Sully) What's happening? (Sully) Brett.

Oh, hey guys.

Come on, Sophia, my room's darker.

(Mike) Okay, it's darker because it's a garage! (Sophia) No windows? (Brett) None.

Oh, my.

Your skin.

How do you get it so pale? Okay, well that's my cue.

But I'd like my eyeliner, please.

I want her skin.

(Brett) We'll get you her skin.

(Mike) No.

No! Brap, brap! Don't do that.

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