– What up world? It's me Brizzy and I'm here with one of my best friends Kim Carpluk.

– Yay! – She is gonna turn me into Poison Ivy.

– I'm so excited.

– Let's go.

– [Poison Ivy Impression]Hello, foul humans.

Poison Ivy here to teach you how to go from worthless, disgusting human to flawless mother of nature.

Let's get started.

Starting with the eyes, you're going to give your plant some structure by gently placing pieces of tape along the corners of your eyes.

It might look a little crazy right now, but it's to help keep your plants safe within the greenhouse.

Place an electric green eye shadow on the outer corner andcrease of your eyelid.

And just blend that outgently with a fluffy brush.

Pat on an electric yellow eye shadow to the remainder of your eyelid.

Be sure to be gentle, of course.

These plants are your babies.

Add a deep forest green on the outer corner of your eye in a V shape.

Now very gently pull off that tape.

To keep your plants nice and hydrated, be sure to moisturize yourface before moving on.

Now use a beauty blender to gently dab liquid foundation all over your face because unlike humans,plants are flawless.

Then dab on some undereye color corrector and blend it out with a fluffy brush.

Use some concealer tohighlight the undereye area, your forehead, and your nose, and blend it out with a fluffy brush.

Then go ahead and set it all with powder.

Make a fish face and contour your cheeks with that same electric green eye shadow.

Add some along the sides of your face and down your foreheadfor extra chlorophyll.

Add some copper eyeshadow to your eyebrows so they're just a bit more poisonous and sweep some of that electric green across your lower lash line.

Fill in your lower lash line carefully with a clean, red lip liner.

Draw on some dark green eyelinerin an elegant winged tip.

Dab onto your eyelids somecosmetic glitter adhesive followed by translucent cosmetic glitter focusing on the center of your eyelid.

Next, paint some adhesiveon top of your eyeliner and carefully dab on someemerald green cosmetic glitter.

Dab some adhesive to theinner corner of your eye before putting on some gold.

Finally, paint adhesiveunder your lower lash line and dab some rose red glitter on top.

Now you may look a bitlike a Christmas fairy, but we're not done yet.

Put on a very thin lineof black liquid liner and a few coats of black mascara.

Carefully fill in your lipswith a black liquid lipstick, then add some adhesive and green glitter focusing on the center of your lips.

Using the electric green eye shadow, draw on some swirly vines around the sides of your face, and aroundyour neck in a choker.

Now give these vines some life by adding a shadow to theundersides of the vines using a dark green liner, and a highlight to the upper sides using a white liner.

Now you have the optionto put on some fake lashes and contour your collarboneswith green eye shadow.

And now, you're done, andfinally ready to take down man with the far superiorkingdom of Viridiplantae.

– It looks so cool! (screams) – Big ol' thank you to Kimfor making me Poison Ivy.

– Thank you for being a good model.

– Oh, she's so sweet.

I love Kim so much! – My friend.

– And she just started Youtube so you really need to go subscribe to her because we'll be making avideo on her channel soon! – Yeah! – Might turn me into something else.

– Yeah.

– It's gonna be exciting,so click on her face or in the description.

Go subscribe to Kim because I love her and she made mePoison Ivy today, and is great.

I love you.

– I love you too.

– Okay, bye friends!.

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