Pitch Perfect 2 Everyday Makeup Tutorial with Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi) | COVERGIRL

Pitch Perfect 2 Everyday Makeup Tutorial with Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi) | COVERGIRL

[MUSIC PLAYING] Greetings.

I feel like you and Iare friends, so you guys are going to be getting ready withme, just like my friends would.

As you guys know, I amCoverGirl's official glambassador.

Because of that, I got to see thepremiere of Pitch Perfect Two.

I had so much fun going to the premierethat I had to take my friend with me to go see it again.

I know, I know let's have a pause fora second so we can fan girl together.

[YELLING] So if you're a PitchPerfect fan, then you know that mash-ups are ahuge part of the movie.

And what I really love is that thewhole mash-up theme is something that you can easily incorporateinto your everyday look.

The movie basically showshow you can blend together different styles of music,beauty, and personality to create something unique and awesome.

So as I was getting readyfor this girl's day, I took inspiration from my girls, theBellas, and took the whole mash-up idea and incorporated it into my look.

So it was kind of ano-brainer for me when I was thinking of this will look to goto CoverGirl because they have a makeup collection that's inspiredby Pitch Perfect Two.

Starting off with my eyes, Iused the CoverGirl eyeshadow quad in Notice Me Nudes.

The four colors inthis palette are really awesome because you can gofrom a soft romantic look or build up to a more rocker look.

I just took the lightest color inthe quad and put all over my lids for a sheer wash of color andalso a little bit of brightness.

And for some extra definition,I took the third shade and just buffed it into my crease.

Now with the eyeliners, Iactually mashed two together.

So I started off with a black one.

And this is Cover Girl'sPerfect Point Plus in black.

And I just put this on theupper inner rims of my eyes for more of like that rocker look.

And for a rebellious pop ofcolor on the lower lash line, I used CoverGirl InkIteyeliner in aquamarine.

I like gel eyeliners because theyglide on without skipping or dragging.

And it makes everything a lot easier.

You could even use more thanone color if you wanted to.

And to finish my eyes, I usedthe Full Lash Bloom mascara.

I love this because you canreally build up the drama but your lashes are stillgoing to be soft and romantic.

And you guys know I love mea good waterproof mascara because it just helpshold the curl better.

And to even out my complexion,I used the Clean foundation.

And I really love thisbecause it looks super natural and feels really light on your skin.

Since my eyes are moredramatic, I wanted to go with something alittle softer on my lips.

I did a little mash up with my lipstick.

I took the Colorlicious lipstickin Sweet Tangerine and Caramel Kiss and created like this cool ombre look.

But it's really subtleso it's totally wearable.

This is super easy to do.

You just have to startwith the darker color and put that aroundthe edges of your lips.

And then fill it inwith a lighter color.

These are amazing becausethere are tons of colors.

So you can mix and matchthem however you want.

And then it was time to meetup with my friend for lunch and then to go see the movie! I love having girl's days.

And it's always fun todress up a little bit.

So I totally mashed up my outfit andmixed a bunch of different elements together.

I have on these really relaxedcasual light wash jeans.

And I mixed that with amore classic top as well as a preppy blazer and then somefun metallic shoes, as well as the gold jewelry.

So you have that mixof metals and edginess.

Because I'm just thatobsessed with Pitch Perfect, I had to take my friend with meto go see it because why not? I want to talk about it afterwards.

And like fan girl with a friend soI'm not just fan girling by myself.

But hey, there's nothingwrong with that either.

Actually, it may have evenbetter the second time I saw it because I saw it with my friend.

And that just makes everything better.

But I'm not going to spoilanything for you guys.

So you guys have to go out and seethe movie because it is amazing.

And then tell me about it becauseI want to know what you think.

And make sure you follow CoverGirlon all of their social media sites.

And for exclusive movie content,you can go to CoverGirl.


All of that info will be down belowin the description box for you guys.

Well, I'm going to get going.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching this.

And I hope you go see Pitch Perfect Two.

Peace out, everyone.

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